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Is there anyone who wants to see a big picture? Come on! – Latest Bitcoin News – exams


Meanwhile, money in the crypt in the world has a dependence and a negative air, there is only one reason;

Bottom is not bad. There is nothing in the ground; Severe times, crises, ups and downs, good times and bad times. Bitcoin now lives and this situation will never end, it will be a common and ordinary cycle, where everyone, as the needy and the needy of the human history, from the smallest to the smallest, giant corporations return to the neighborhood food, life and life. Therefore, first of all, comfortable, friends, everything becomes green and it will be normal. When do you do Let's see together and decide for yourself.

As you know, I was writing and drawing for a long time, but in most of the time, what we write is not getting anywhere. For this reason, on this article expressing the same things repeatedly I want to explain something. I think there is little insight and little information to read that text. In the rest of the article, we will list chronologically the articles we have published in KoinTurker in the previous periods and we will analyze what, when and why we wrote it; But let's examine why the cryptographic coins are, as they are the most important problems, parallel to the traditional markets, especially the last time.

Initially, the experiment began as an alternative to traditional markets, which Bitcoin raised through anarchist aspect of Satoshi philosophy by the end of 2016. He used and managed people from less-than-crowded communities, earning a lot of money. But, at $ 19,000, something changed so far.

Money in the ciphers, people from all walks of life were professional traders, they had no knowledge about aunt. Many whale-dwellers living in Wall Street, millions of money-making funds and giant companies have joined the ecosystem. Over the last 2 years, many entertainers, who have made these dreams of these markets and have dreams of earning a great deal of money from their friends, have eliminated wealth and lost it. What is the rest? Back to the philosophy of cryptography, which has already left commercial and commercial philosophy.

Do Bitcoin Trademarks Affect?

When I'm writing about Bitcoin articles, this is a strange thing. At that time, that was the case and Bitcoin was no less influenced than anything else; but I think that until the end of 2016 that I mentioned before is valid, I think we should admit that bad cryptography is not a global game. Right now, people and companies in the ecosystem (which I call in the previous paragraph) come from traditional markets. It is unlikely that people coming from here will go to the salesperson, the decline of the American stock market in the crisis position. Lately we have seen something similar, in fact, there was no clear reason for the decline of American stock exchange, a similarity to Bitcoin and similarity. This clearly tells us that in the crypt coins are integrated into the world of economics. Is it a bad thing? Of course, it is not something that is considered an alternative, must it act first? If the cryptic coins are to be dominant ecosystems on the ground, the existing ecosystem would then occur, and then deviations would occur. What do I mean by this phrase? If you experience fluctuations in the most important markets such as America, Europe, China, Russia or Japan, and if you look at Bitcoin, it will not be surprising at the same time.

I've been doing what I said. We will try to see a great image in chronological writing. In fact, even if you have published hundreds of article articles, both news and original articles, I will list and list only the list of lower prices. To read the links below, I suggest you read large images. Starting with the first article:

12/17/2015: Bitcoin Price goes to Open Seas: 1 bitcoin 1000 in 2016

I wrote this writing at the end of 2015 at $ 440 BTC. This article tries to explain how Bitcoin will perform different places, and how half of the 2016 mining awards will affect the market. I add a passage to the article below;

Almost 8 months after the half-life of the market began to move the impact of half. From October 2015, it continues and continues to grow. Recently USD 400 and 450 were passed, and the short-term would be definitely back and forth ($ 440 days); But it's easy to say that the rise is the beginning, let's say it's already! In 2016, Bitcoins will be worth $ 1,000. Yes, I know you're a bit pretentious. I explain this thesis. The first half of the prize will be at the price! Spice, mining, individual investors and large corporations, almost all of them are preparing to ground by rubbing the hands of the patient. It should be noted that this artificial effect will reduce the supply of bitcoins by 50%. Every economy book that has created this time is in agreement with the same subject: if the supply is reduced, the prices will increase.

02.22.2016: How Approaching Bitcoin Price Explosion?

The movement starts slowly! About 2 months after the first article, I tried to anticipate Bitcoin's value when it explodes. You can see the images we have mentioned in this article. Numbers 700 and 800 surprise us 🙂 But the most important thing about this article is when we are approaching the big explosions, we emphasize that something changes. A brief summary of the text;

Bitcoin provision half; The positive impact of the demand can be expected on the BTC value in the same conditions; But here is a more important point, that is to say, the price speculative before the maturity of the price. In this context, we can see that mid-February was air. Because they have a large volume of purchased Bitcoin value, they can be conveniently watched around 700-800 dollars, and it's not surprising. However, taking into account the profit concentration, we must pay careful attention to the ups and downs. As we have already mentioned, this year will be another year, so money must be followed by investors in 2016.

21.12.2016: Bitcoin is at the highest level in the last 3 years: what do we expect in the future?

It's moving! $ 800 …

One other reason to get the balance to add Bitcoin value is the high volatility of official currencies. In other words, the constant changes in world balances, political and social events, such as currency and loss of value, is a reliable option for bitcoins. It is not yet clear, we will see the effect of Bitcoin's problems between 2017 and 2018. Above all, the large depreciation of currency rates in developing countries against USD and EURO, Bitcoin will be one of the port's protected areas for neighbors.

01.01.2017: Bitcoin reached $ 1000!

In the end, $ 1,000 came by reason.

For many years, it has signed many projects as an individual with this ecosystem, which is the beginning of Bitcoin 2017 and 2018, we can not guess. I'll keep writing about Bitcoin's value and future, we've been following you. Finally, I would like to repeat the last sentence of the article published in 2015: returning 1,000 BTC dollars of 1 million dollars, are we not imagining the situation we are currently experiencing? Time is just a matter.

21.02.2017: $ 2,000 target

We are setting new target! In the following articles, things become more interesting.

10.08.2017: Crypto Money World's latest developments, ICO Madness and Ecosystem interests

We are in 3400 Interest is rising, my expectations are very high, at this time the market mixes.

Not only was the price, but also the general public and public interest in cryptography coins. Almost every day, even in the mainstream media, at least one Bitcoin in Turkey, Etheria and began to populate Blockcha news. Frequent talk channels on TV channels. I have recently started to feel an interest in my area. Until the last six months, friends of Bitcoin or Crypto have no friends, and today they were Bitcoin guru. They are talking about cryptographic coins, trying to figure out right now. This is for us long-term development of the ecosystem, I definitely spend a lot of time. At least we know that this technology is very popular and that we fulfill our duty, or would like to think.

12.22.2017: Everyone who earns money from a short path will sink!

Bitcoin $ 14,000! Zoroas growth was obviously not normal. I wanted to indicate why it is unusual:

There is a great deal of interest around the world that does not fit into stock markets, newsgroups and forums, so a natural DDOS is attacking. This is not simple. Although they are increasingly interested in the good ecosystem, those who do not understand the philosophy of this work and how they can threaten the future of the system. A bit of bitcoin transfer, or those who have not used the portfolio, have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to listen to credit or debt. For these people, the end of this work will end in frustration. You read this article and have made a lot of money amongst you, from now on, that I will say that they earn this man. However, if you do not understand the system well, success can be interpreted as an option and will not be sustainable. At the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin was about $ 1,000. This may be a trap for those I mentioned. My personal opinion is that Bitcoin should have had his natural course of $ 2000-3000. The current situation is the aircraft's lip …

30.03.2018: Because Bitcoin is going to fall for you this reason … Global Crisis and more

$ 7200 figures have begun to decline!

I think that the rise of 2017 is global intense interest As a result of a balloon and this globe is slowly blurring. And this reason why this balloon emerges, so many investigations, readings, if you were unconscious, tried to cross a giant ocean along the life shed, and it is likely to be drowned. And this is the end of Bitcoin and Crypto coins? Of course not. This is just a small glimpse of nature. As I have always said, the true value of 1 Bitcoin may be hundreds of thousands of dollars; However, this is too early. Despite the fact that artificial intervention in the market is a balloon effect, Bitcoin has always returned to the natural cycle and continues in the same way. An overall increase or a steady decline is expected as most errors. Think of balancing mode; Slow down a bit.

We will take today's history 11/27/2018Bitcoin price (from writing times) $ 3738. Yes, I tried to explain the process and how it happened and why. As I mentioned earlier, this is a cycle; But in this cycle there is no place for abuse, redundancy, sentimentality, imbalance and ignorance. When we do it, we will see how the result will be clear.

The biggest news-creator of Turkey and the first Bitcoin and Turkish cipher, say the money with the book:

  • Read everything, research it, but do not leave it! Give yourself a decision!
  • Do not focus on one field, such as technical analysis. Follow the news, read the research, review the reports.
  • Do not follow the absurd people who call the phenomenon in the social network.
  • Bitcoin died 72328473792 times; but he continues to live. Bitcoin and crypto coins are dead.
  • As if it were the world of bitcoins, the theory of conspiracy is to escape the theory that does not fit into the logic of conspiracy.
  • There are many high-quality people who work well, make sense and accept theses. Give those who know their jobs rather than give priority to those who use populist discourses to do so in your life.

So what's next?

What was the great rise? First of all, we need to know well so we can interpret the consequences and the consequences. Sewgit hikayeti EFTs, Tether uncertainty, was BitcoinCash fork. I've always found a story; But if they are not stories, they can create other stories and live the same process. As I said earlier, everything will be green, but when? Then you have decided!

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