Friday , August 19 2022

It turns out that the woman who was in an 8 hour table worker was raped


After 8 hours in Pakistan, she went upstairs and sent her home again and went to the hospital. What he learned was raped by women during surgery.


Pakistan's scandal ravaged the country's agenda. The woman, who had been discharged after 8 hours after her illness, sent her to her home. A female relative who came home was very painful in her genitals and when another sister got out of the womb. It was understood that the proven woman in the hospital was raped.


Ali Wase Nasirrek told the Pakistani police that medical research continued and rape was sent to a medical doctor. Pakistan's Ministry of Health has appointed three supervisors to investigate this case.


He said the woman was raped and it was not proven that she was raped in the investigation and misunderstood by the incident. The case study is incessant.

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