Sunday , July 3 2022

Izmir News – 2,000 donations from children with leukemia


Hande NAYMAN / IZMIR, (DHA) – IZMIR All children with leukemia have a 3.5-year history diagnosed in a rare case of the juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML) Arin Printer by the Chamber of Community and Health and Social Workers' Union (SES) of Izmir. Call for cell phone. Izmir Board of Directors of the Medical Office Dr. Fatih Sureyyo, the voluntary donor is not willing to pay attention, 2,000 children are waiting for a cell transplant, he said.
In order to diagnose juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, the 3.5-year-old girl from Izmir is rarely seen in the face of Öykü Arin's actions and the Contemporary Printer. Many people and organizations also called for blood to give blood. The call for a small story was from the Chamber of Medicine of Izmir and SES Izmir Branche. Together with a press release, healthcare workers, "the mother of the cell makes the donation a recovery for the future," stem cells and other children telling the story about the donation of a stem cell. President of the press conference of Izmir Medikuen Ganberak. Dr. Barlık Obuz Funda, Member of the General Council of the Turkish Medical Association. Mübetcel İlhan, Board of Directors of the Chamber of Medicine of Izmir Fatih Sürenkök, SES Izmir Coordinator Hülya Baran Ulaşoğlu, SES İzmir Branch Secretary Başak participated in the Edge Gürkan meeting.
For life saving mother-in-law, Dr. Izmir Medica Medical Board Dr Fatih Sürenkök, "We went to the Red Crescent Regional Directorate before I came to talk and we are not official. Today, our 2 thousand children are waiting for all Turkey patients in the cell donation queue To get rid of life with two thousand donation of our cell with children and return to healthy aromea One year, 80 thousand cellular donor data were registered, donations of 800 thousand and millions, information is repeated in the bank and other stories are expected. Cell mothers 10 It has lasted for years and when a person gives their own information for 10 years, it can be the source of our children, they can give them life, it does not give them a kidney, but after their mum, the body will renew their stem cells. You can give your mother a cell, it probably gives a blood tube to a child's life save yourself ".
Asbestos transplant cells, especially blood cancer (leukemia, lymphoma), bone marrow deficiencies, metabolic diseases, immune system deficiencies and other cancers, such as treatment method used for many illnesses. Dr. Barlık Obuz Funda also said:
"Cell mothers are cells that are capable of transforming themselves into self-renewal and the growth of cells, when necessary, differentiating them into the following cells that allow cell development, maturation and proliferation. HLA (human leukocyte antigen) is a person's tissue HLA type hereditary type The person's siblings, the twin ones, may be the best in most cases, but there is no connection between the patient's family and no relationship between the people.The results adjusted for the patient determine that the HLA types conform to the high rate of Donostiarra donation and the HLA patient the transplant gets the best result. "
A person who wants to be a contributor needs to be healthy and be healthy among the ages of 18-50. "If a person accepts a donation," the Voluntary Cell Donor Information and the Form of Admission require the official approval of the form and the signing of the form, and then three blood samples are extracted from the blood sample. Blood samples are infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis and silicides. According to the Red Turquoise Growth, and if the presence of these diseases is detected, the person can not be donor and informed about it. There is a consistent type of tissue, a detailed physical examination, electrocardiography (ECG). These tests are performed by the donors that will not endanger any type of donor and patient. A new medical examination is carried out by the mother-building coordination center (TÜRKÖK). The average donation period of 4-6 weeks is 20-30 hours, "he said.


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