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LAST MINUTE: Erdogan President announces the Manifesto of the AK party

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the 11-item election manifesto of the AK party. Erdogan said in his speech: "It's our love story.

Erdogan also has the mayor's mayor "from now on, on election night, all the power we hope will be to be with our nation. We do not want to leave the citizens. After the election, I want to keep track of the intelligence, years in Turkey would tell me where to go" he said.


The Lehendakari states:

"I am confronting the manifesto with the people I am sharing. In the next election, I believe that it will be the first party in the first party of the AK party, choosing the nation's choice of political service.

Now I will start the text of my manifesto:

Man builds cities, roads, bridges. The content extends from the continent to the continent. He goes to space, but his heart is only in the heart. She finds herself in the middle of her heart. The dream of a young girl, a vision of a young man, finds the loneliness of a child who proclaims the openness of a child. Birds, insects, the tree, the heart of the flower is open and those who look for compassion becomes aware of their wife. The world is in his heart.

To see what the city promised, to be arrested, but the hearts of the heart are included. Then the heart's heart will be established. The man opens his heart to all creatures, hearts will be established. His heart is humility, effort, honesty, the house of Rahman. Man is the heart of the universe, the city is the place.


As AK parties, we attach great importance to our cities and municipalities. In cities where we can indicate in our country, the population has exceeded 50 percent. As the number of people living in cities increases, revenue distribution is deteriorating. New technologies, for example, make artificial intelligence uncertain. Ecological destruction is destroying the world.

Our world, which is struggling with distorted urbanization over the past two centuries, with a lot of environmental pollution and terrorist events, will be very serious. This allows us to think more about municipal services. As we perceive the world and our lives, we live in the cities that shape us.

How did this ordinary intelligence for this great civilization? It is our opinion to adapt our individual plans to the hands. It would be against the nature of work, that the unification of the values ​​of the nation would be a legacy of the city.

Turkey, which has long-term management, medal vizyonsuz, short, inadequate, ad hoc, unstable, uncaring, hastalıklık mentality. Even ancient cities could not save from this illness. The parties of the AK party, who had a political life of these distortions, acted at the service of our country. We have been our shortcomings and mistakes, of course, but thanks to our sincerity and strength, we have attracted our country together with the values ​​of material and spiritual civilization.


I think that; ours is a love story. When you love it disappears, it becomes a love. Starting in the municipalities, he continued continuously. In this process, our cities have been sweating with the aim of embracing peace with the past and the future, in the municipalities and the central administrative entities. Thanks to the history of the Republic, we will put on the killings service.

AK Party is a holiday party for cowardice workers. Behind AK's achievements in municipalities, there is a service for the public and the paradigm of the right service. The idea of ​​expanding the idea of ​​trusting and sending to the community extended the idea of ​​24 hours and 7 days. This employee dedicated to the work of municipal workers and unserviceable services are carried out uninterruptedly.

In the 1994 national elections, this country began to create a garbage dump, a hole and a mud fight in the Republic of the Republic of Turkey (CHP). CHP trash, because the pit is mud. We took it to Istanbul. In 2004, we used the slogan "Local Development," and since then we have set great goals before our mayor. Our cities have brought us an advanced service standard. In 2009, we addressed the brand cities, saying: "Our business is our service, our strength is ours". Habitat-2 meeting was held in Istanbul and Istanbul is the cleanest city in the world. We accept the transformation of each city that allows the city.


Turkish targets have changed belediyeciliklt from our goals forward. All kinds of guards decided to serve the nation against the coup. As it was July 15th, we were struggling with our people at the forefront of service. Now, with humility, sincerity and diligence, the work of the country is sent to the heart of our country with the communion of the heart. We commit our cities to a new vision for our people.

Our goal is to win the hearts of our nation first, and then take the game. Each choice is a test. We are not going to have to settle for what we have done in the past, to leave it successfully for March 31. We are developing new projects. Like other projects in our country, we will prepare short, medium and long strategies for our cities.

We will have short-term goals for each year, medium-term goals, senior citizens and long-term goals by 2023, 2053 and 2071. In the presidency we are setting up a control center. Our municipalities will be included in this system, where we can see many benefits, from transparency to transparency. We will set up a similar system in my home. We will eliminate the planned plans, dysfunctional and non-protective.

Turkey is far away, we are preparing a new urban vision beyond the applications. Our mayor will continue to fulfill their duties in order to have the minor serve. Seljuk will increase the simplicity of architecture, optimal elegance and modern understanding.

We will reach the AK party with people, from trees to animals, where peace lives. The municipal services created from the concept of the municipality. What you can do is important among them. The AK Party municipalities will respect each other's justice, material and spiritual heritage, and will respect the respect for the nation and the state. To do this, we came out "the heart of the work is the heart of the work".


We summarize our commitments to nations in 11 sections.

* Plans of the city: We will see fair projects that respect fair plans. We plan a city plan and zoning practices in a transparent way. We will announce modifications to mandatory changes in front of our country. The most comprehensive consensus will be applied to all the public, the private sector and the NGOs. We do not allocate time and resources to improve our nation's quality of life. A project that will turn our cities into an attraction center will be very important.

* Infrastructure and transport: We do not believe our cities solve a city center without resolving this issue. The problems of basic infrastructure will not be left in our city. We will also work in the municipalities without AK Party. By accelerating public transport projects, citizens will flee from traffic. Parking will be a priority.

* Urban transformation: We will develop these projects to save them from earthquakes and distorted buildings. We will promote urban transformation. We make solutions to the needs of the region and our citizens. We want to start a new urban development movement. We're expanding Millet Kıraathanas.

* Only cities: We will prepare geography of each city with natural development models. We do not have projects that interrupt the story, each one in its silhouette. Structure and historical places will inherit future generations. Our cities have places for everyone.

* Smart Cities: We will open new horizons in cities. We will help all the smart cities that make our daily lives easier. Turkey, they are not great left behind in the race.

* Environmentally friendly cities: In nature, we will provide a lively harmony with living things or living things. In every city we will open the gardens. Decorating our cities with green spaces, waste will prevent contamination of the environment. 0 A waste project, human, urban, nature, will be guided by cities for the construction and revision of the city.

* Municipal social: We will be voiceless creatures, no cuts will be allowed, without stretching your hands, your hand will not be extended. We will take the work that will strengthen the family organization we see as a foundation of society. We will not leave generations when we build our cities. Sports centers, cultural centers, the disabled and the old centers will go to the centers. Sport will become part of each sector. By setting quality standards for these works, we will have a higher level in all levels of the country.

* Horizontal urbanization: Horizontal architecture will develop a more horizontal life. So we can solve many problems at the same time. Starting with a pilot application in our cities, we will open it all over the country. We will give priority to new development areas.

* With public management: We guarantee the maximum participation of the residents. We will declare citizens' rights to citizens of the municipal services. We will make decisions in ordinary councils for common reasons.

* Savings and transparency: I do not know what source is generated, we will consider everyone's right in every city budget quote. From our beginnings to the end of our nation we will carry out all the activities in a clear way of information and documents. We do not see Hakka, anyone who will play against justice and conscience.

* Cities deriving from the value: Nowadays, the demands of people living in our cities have changed over a quarter of a century ago. Today we summarize the basic expectations of our cities in our cities to improve the quality of life in all areas. We will develop places of development for human cultural and economic production. Our cities value the future of our civilization with the goodness, culture and art products that you can leave in the future.


In this way, we have officially launched our election campaign. The 31st of March elections are expected to be celebrated as a party festival. Our project will be announced by our AK party candidates in our province, our province and our district. We will not commit to our commitment to Cumhur Alliance. The presidency of the Republic is ours. Our efforts will be understood here.

The Presidency continues to go through the Government System every day. The elections of March 31, 2019 will end in peace. As a country and nation, we will start the next process focusing on its objectives. AK Party Economy Democracy This awareness and Turkey will increase the level of advanced countries in the world, we will continue in the project. We will achieve good results in local elections, next door to open a new era so that the departure of the gate will help Turkey to provide transportation, it will be morale.

I have a request; I look forward to our nation with all the power we have today, until the election night. We have not arrived, we do not say we should leave no citizen. I would like to understand after the elections. We will repeat that we are under our command to our people. The AK Party in Turkey would say 16 years where they came from.


Erdogan President, "I hope that we will present the manifesto of the March 31 elections. We will make the local elections with this demonstration. Local elections, our party MKYK, FMC prepared a lively work, finished preparations," he said.

"Do you know what we are doing especially in the central government. We know what we have done about education, health, justice, security, transportation, energy, external policy, what we do," said Erdogan.

"In local elections, when we left Istanbul, we said 3Q, garbage, hole, mud, why CHP waste means sludge means a hole, we destroyed them, we created modern cities. brother Mehmet Özhaseki, and we will return to another city of Izmir, our brother, Nihat Zeybekci, Izmir.

Zillet Alliance on the one hand and the Alliance on the other. With the Republican president; Armed arm of the PKK armed organization In the CHP army, well-known parties are ready to give lessons on March 31? "


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