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Last minute … Minister Pakdemirli announced: it must be paid on the evening of March 1

Minister Pakdemirli Karabuk, Yenica spoke with the House of Government. The Minister of Agriculture and Forest, Bekir Pakdemirli, emphasizing the arrival of a very different Turkish aquaculture industry, said:

"We currently have an export status of $ 953 million, with a value of $ 20 billion worth of US $ 2023. We reached the end of 2023 to the end of 2018. It was 50 years before we started breeding carp for the first time, with 2,000 286th grade production 315 thousand tonnes increased from 61 thousand tonnes, our exports amounted to $ 953 million, $ 97 million, $ 1.1 million annually, which is currently turning Turkey's exports to 85 countries. Our support will be funded by growers on Friday March 1, That is, total 53 million pounds.

"More than 1000 tonnes are sold for sale"

Pakdemirli, about sales organization "yesterday, 60 tonnes of beer salts, 50 tons of green greens sold, and 35 are sold in retail stores, thousands of pounds are on sale, we suck." he said.

Pakdemirli, said the forest is at the forefront of Yenice products, "Forests say Yenice say, Yenice said to the woods. All around Turkey's forest in 2002 reached 22 percent from 28 percent to 30. Today's why our goal in 2023. One million and a half hectares more forest than the Hectars We have added: We said: We will plant a tree to all the living people in the world, we said, and we're working like a bee on this stream. " he said.

Turkey Over the past 10 years, the OECD report has increased its presence in the country to the forefront of Voicing, adding Pakdemirli forest, forest and trees, it is very important, he said.

Bekir Pakdemirli, AK Party Center Party, will end the gas-related natural work, stated that Yenice recently won natural gas, "they said, AK Party is making it. Whether it's Rabb's fortunately the most beautiful of Turkey happened Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been in power for 16 years, he said.

"Immigration in forest towns"

The Yenice Zona Industrial Organizadora has organized a green area for the region's forest, worship, education and health facilities, giving this information to Pakdemirli, explaining:

"We need to develop more in our forest towns, we need to increase the income levels of our forests, increase the income levels of our forests, planting trees in the region, planting 10 thousand dolphins, linden and chestnut in 4 villages in 150 decares 3 years, the Ministry will be free, and we will pay 49 years for farm houses.

In his speech, do people remember "February 28 post-modern coup?" Asks Pakdemirli, constantly trying to unbalance Turkey, he said.

Turkey's Pakdemirli coalition in the 1970s, "what basic needs we take to get a report on the tail. Foods are in a row. We are talking about a petrol station at Ilara, explaining that, we have a paste in the queue, many of us, we can easily drink the queue In the 1990s, the genesis Turkey has unsuccessfully reached Ozal in the 1980s. I have won stability and Turkey and shackles have broken. Ozal has brought Turkey back to being a proud country, but we lost the 1990 coalition and weakened 2000 AK Party over the next few years, the AK party With support and support, the country has brought a good point, but water is continually trying to sleep as a way of sleeping constantly.

The Minister reminded Bekir Pakdemirli of the Turkish coalition, who reminded citizens of the transition to a presidential system, said:

"We need a more stable period for our 2023. Anyone can give up your heart, but if that is the case in the local election elections, the vote of the AK Party tomorrow has seen that our minds have seen a strong opposition, we can sleep in 2023 in Turkey in the last 13 years, Despite all the stability in this country, there have been 13 elections, we have to look at the services of these elections and look at the dams, forests, factories, roads, and services that we serve, to sign up for our customers. Do you think you're in Kinshasa, you will need to deal with exceptional issues and require a specialist female taxi drivers which can help you advising you, fighting for you personally or simply driving you so you understand how to act in several scenarios you will likely have.

"Tonne of rice for sale in 35 stores"

The Minister of Agriculture and Forest, Bekir Pakdemirli, recalled that the Turkish Grain Board sold at the door of the sale and provided the following information:

"When sales are bad, we have tried to do so, not considering all of our power services using tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. We said," We do everything necessary. "Pricing week A more than the most beautiful result When a week from Turkey's 40- They made a 50 per cent reduction reduction, and the sale was mainly for two large territories, but in the other territories, we sold the price of our eptt, cheap service, we delivered fruit. Prices were reduced to 40-50 percent in Turkey, that is, sales in Ankara and Istanbul were beneficial for all Yenice and Karabük and Düzce provinces.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Mr. Pakdemirli said he was selling grain from the Grain Council of Turkey. "We started selling beer and lentils yesterday. We are selling rice next week, we have also had to sell our warehouse for rice. More at the moment, we are selling it at a fairly new price, we can also sell it at the market price. This is what our citizens, fellowmen, our Turkey, Vada, and our nation want to do better. " Used statements.

AK Party Yenice Mayor Candidate, Coşkun Güven Pakdemirli, wanted to talk about the distribution of plants to the public.

The Fuat Gürel, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Government, Mustafa Aksu, AK Karabük, Cumhur Ünal and Niyazi Güneş, Forest Manager General Bekir Karacabey and other interested parties attended.

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