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Lerzan Mutlu and Pınar Eliç fight each other in a bicycle

The program Pınar Eliçe Kanal D was published yesterday and said that the program was directed by Lerzan Mutlu, the same program that it had done in the same channel many years ago.

"I can not hurt them from where I was"

Lerzan Mutlu, invited from this program, after these statements, said: "I do not hurt anyone because they are injured, because they do not give anything to any other person who does not suffer." Lerzan Mutlu, from his point of view, talked about what happened on the day he talked about: "When I was invited to a Tilbe star". I was in direct management and I wanted to go, they told me they had done it. But I did not have a woman without a caravan and I will not be the rest of my life. place is kept; "Bülent Ersoy's cause is my mother," said her words.


When Lerju Mutlu opened the olive branch in the spreading of the olive branch, he said he had not reported what happened in recent years.

Pınar Eliçe: "Lerzan does not want" told me about the channel management.

Lerzan Mutlu: I went to the board of directors and told him I wanted to go and let him down. I feel broken without breaking, but I think, I do not break my heart.

P.E: I heard that you were a positive woman and woman who are positive people with good faith, but I am moving through what I am.

L.M: I did not want to injure myself, it is very comfortable while you put it in my head.

P.E: I want to be well … misunderstandings happened in the past

L.M: You are not a wicked woman; I would like to get acquainted and I have forgiven you thousands of times

"I did not buy my dog.

P.E: I do not give you a resentment, hello, I will tell you, you did not take my husband, I did not take your husband! I want to thank madness, that is, very good, because I'm not a man of walking.

L.M: There is nothing more important than the human heart. One thing that really liked me in a place where I would like to see you

P.E: This was very clear. Let's get together, so that you can have beauty, we also thank you for the places you give thanks to Lerzan al

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