Friday , January 22 2021

Melisa survived during Survivor's match! Which team passed the immunity in the game?

The first immune game of the week was played on Survivor. On the stage of the fight against the winners, the winning team will be advantageous for the second immune game. The event that marked Survivor's day lived with Melisa. Melisa won the award, everyone frightened. Survivor …

As the weeks of survival, the excitement of the game of immunity increases. The first immune game of the week ended with the difference. Is the game lost in Turkey and Greece all over the game could win immunity? Survivor Turkey was playing at the end of the game in the first half of the match played by Aphrodite Melisa in dealing with thirty match supplies of Greece. Medical intervention groups Melisa damaged you. Here's all the details of the last episode of Survivor İşte

Touch the game to survive

Acun: We are in the hot weather in the Dominican Republic. Last week we lost a good competition. Actually, as I can see, it was one of the most successful artists against Greek competitors.

Wisdom: Last week we lost immunity. I'm all good on the island, but the best with Hakan. We all did it together. I hope the winner will be this week.

Immunity to survive in the game In Greece he won

Greece: 10 – Turkey: 4


He underwent an unfortunate incident and the medical teams intervened, saying they were dizzy. Melisa fans have a strange state of Melisa's health. What happened to Melisa? How is Melisa health condition? Melisa 23 Alive March 2019 supplies Turkey to Greece to feel better during the 31.bölüm supply due to the rotation of the head of the game. Melisa took a break from her discomfort.


Murat Ceylan: We are here with a new game. Today we will find a beautiful prize and a challenging game. What is Sabriye before?

Sabriye: The island is a good state, but I have a bad one. My performance is not very good and it threatens me. We have a good performance today and hope to win the game and win the prize.

Atakan: We are seriously hungry. He learned about the importance of the game in previous games. The week wants to be a winner today.

Survivor game of prizes In Greece he won the team.

Greece: 10 – Turkey: 8


Sabriye: I'm not doing well if I continue. My psychology is broken.

Okay: obviously, looking at statistics does not have negative effects, people are damaged.

Sabriye: My self-confidence diminishes if I lose the game. Now I do not believe in myself. I hope to get rid of the first pot

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