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Most Indeki in the world have rare bacteria like Mars Dün

The Atacama Desert in Chile is located next to Marte. An experimented experiment in the desert found some rare bacterial soil bacteria.

It's impossible to know what you are looking for extraneous creatures. Enceladus and Europe are dark and dark oceans in perfect life. The core body is not in the right condition, Mars.

In Chile's Atacama desert, similar to the Earth of Mars, it is a perfect setting for space trials. In this wasteland, in the dry place of the world, an interesting type of bacteria has been found. I think that these bacteria have gone through water, even though they have scattered colonies.

The researchers gathered several parts of the desert along with the vehicle. The vehicle called Zoe found that some of the lake samples were bacteria. Research on these bacteria, which are not scientifically known, is highly resistant to regional temperatures and droughts.

Stephen Pointing, a biologist in the study, can receive samples that can be extracted from the soil below the soil.


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"It is important for most scientists to be sure that living beings live in a way that prevents harsh conditions that do not endanger their lives, such as high irradiation, low temperatures, and surface water shortages."

Although surely this water is liquid on the surface of the earth, we know that many of the planet is dry now and it can be found on the surface of the ice. However, it is possible to explain liquid water on the surface of the planet. From this point of view, life seems to be the most logical way of existence. The Atacama Desert offers a second alternative.

The surface of Mars is much more difficult than the desert. Still, in the desert, some 80 centimeters below the surface show some examples of life in different ways. Jeff Goldblume says in Jurassic Park, "Lif will find a way out. Jeff


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As the soil deepened, bacteria could spread salt and alkaline ratio in the soil.

Bacteria, food needs are methane. This shows that this bacterium lives on Mars. Methane is one of the most common substances in the red planet.

The research also provides the idea of ​​launching Mars vehicles to divide up to 2 meters deep.

pointing, My personal preference would be old river or sandstone cliffs. These substrates are both aware of the microorganisms they are trying to protect and protect micro-organisms from destroying micro-images. These sectors insisted that they work.

The study was published on the microbial boundaries.

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