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"My income is a thousand TL," said Berkay's tax abduction

Arda Turan, a footballer, declares a thousand pounds of income in his trial, but then his Instagram account, "Friends are stuck in a thousand TL income, but I understand why I said. Berkay Sahin said he was suspected of catching a radar radar from tax evasion. One wants to start a new one, based on the suspicion of tax exemption in the writing of his instagram account.


Earlier, when artists or celebrities carried out investigations and punishments, investigations and criminal experts began to consider the accounts of Barkay. Berkay, whose accounts are to be examined, will be charged until 3 years if the culprits are guilty.


Berkay was also amused by those who did not believe in this statement. "Young people have started a charity campaign. Two children, thousands of TL are difficult to live. It's clear why I said it. It's clear that there is a need to understand." Young people do not hang on to these problems. I do not earn 1000 TL, it's a person who uses 1% of himself. I think I buy a portion of $ 1000 for believers, "he added.

Berkay Singer wrote taxpayers to taxpayers. However, there was no state of affairs in the court nor a situation that could never convince Berkay.

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