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Nce Kz went back

Fethiye, Mula & # 39; no street bars, with suicide later with a person's back gun. The moment of the event in seconds, in seconds, is reflected in the positioning security camera.

It came to the neighborhood in the suburb neighborhood neighborhood.

Fatma Tangaz (20) Is sitting next to an arrow next to Serdal nceday (44), far away from seven of Tangazatik's hands. Then he committed suicide.

On the news, an arrow of police and sales groups appeared.

The 112 Emergency Services Group died in that scene. The Salk team was removed from the private hospital of Tangaz.

Tangazin lost his life without recovering from hospital intervention.

The moment of the murder was reflected in a security camera in a location. Camera images, nceday, went into Tangas, and then shot himself.

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