Thursday , February 9 2023

News: luxury jeep is broken, court has won and won.


In the case of the businessman Engin Yakut, in 2013, Range Rover Vogue was determined, the judge decided to charge 397 thousand and 800 pounds of interest for the accused.

According to documents filed in court, in March 2013 Yakut bought a car from the Range Rover Vogue model with 34 PHJ 41 cards, 170 thousand euros (397 thousand 800 lire) in Istanbul gallery. Yakut was driven at a speed of 70-80 km at a speed of 450 km, suddenly he realized that the engine smelled of smell, sparks came out and the vehicle quickly absorbed the oil. Without accident, the car was removed from the Borusan Oto distributor, a week later, "Inadequate engine, the transmission screws are not tightened due to failure and due to breakdown and production," the report was received. Borusan Oto, Yakut & # 39; s, the car comes out of the gallery and has not reported it.

Application of the European Parliament and the Commission

Engin Yakut's international release asked Land Rover about the triumph over three years ago and demanded that it replace its cars with another. Yakut, when he could not get the company's response, filed a lawsuit by Candaş Gürol in the Consumption Court of the Istanbule 1st "Case 1, the media found a broad place, subject, Twitter's social networking site, landrovergameover tags, tagged tweets topic for 4 consecutive days on the subject.
First House of Consumers of the State accepted the case. In the meantime, Yakut has filed another lawsuit in favor of the salary paid for the payment of the contribution quoted by the Consumers' Court of the Istanbule, at the request of the Consumer Court. He summoned the European Parliament and the European Commission to sell all European vehicles Range Rover Vogue.

Complaints filed in consumer courts and in other courts were joined together with the remainder of the Istanbul Evasion Document 8 of Istanbul.


The 8th Consumers' Court of the Isthmus has announced a decision on the petition indicating that a vehicle manufacturer's malfunction caused a mistake.

The applicant Engin Yakut and the Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Defender were interviewed by their lawyers.

The courts asked the lawyer to approve the case and demanded that lawyer attorneys should dismiss the matter.

The court, when its decision announced the case, accepted the case and the Land Rover 34 PHJ 41 was a defective vehicle. The court decided to return the defective vehicle, Engin Yakut, to pay the request for the defendant, the £ 397killion book.

The court ruled that Bakırköy 8. The Civil Court and Istanbul 1 claims to the Consumers' Court and the decision to reject the documents that were in this case (Range Rover Vogue car collection and recovery).


Candaş Gürole, the prosecutor of the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, presented two independent cases for the 12th and 17th Magistrate Courts of the Istanbule, in order to find out about mistakes in vehicles. The courts evaluated the applications were analyzed by experts from Istanbule and Yildiz Technical University, mechanical engineering and expert experts. As a result of the discoveries made at the Borusan Oto, located in vehicles, expert reports were prepared; The fact that the vehicle had a defective manufacturing error was not due to the driver's mistake and the manufacturer had to replace the vehicles with others. The courts have been officially established due to incorrect operation of the vehicle.

Borusan Oto also prepared an expert's report, which was presented to the owners of the "failure failure caused by the failure of a" good failure and good failure.


Motorsport Ruby's lawyer reported that the "production error" report contained in the judge's case, Candas Gürol, has demanded a two-way separation of vehicles seized in the consumer courts requesting an interim request for an interruption request, said circulating vehicle traffic in the risk posed by drivers in Turkey.

The first court of the first consumer law firm in the Istanbule, who judged the petitioner's report in court in England, has found serious reports, has been issued by England Land Rover Ltd. He ordered the company's lawsuit to be sued.

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