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Nokia's new 5-phone camera

Nokia 9 PureView, the latest HMD handset with Nokia, offers a photo experience that you have never seen with 5 cameras.

Do you like a camera? Nokia 9 PureView has a lot of likes. The latest HMD phone is a set of hexagons with 5 cameras, flash and color sensors. There are 7 cameras on the phone with two front cameras.

Too much? Probably. But the device was designed according to the tradition tradition of Nokia brand tasarlanmış mobile limits. The most interesting thing is what the cameras are working on. Instead of switching between the different focuses, the camera takes 5 photos simultaneously to make a big picture.

The cameras that work together get more 60 megapixel data. The system uses Light and Qualcomm's expertise. Thus, the camera's data becomes a picture with a lot of detail and can be edited. Users can take the picture in RAW format and edit it on Lightroom mobile versions. This application was created in collaboration with Adobe.

Most interesting segmented middle segment phone

The design of the phone is quite nice. It can be said that Nokia is one of the most beautiful designs. Other features are mostly called. Your device uses a 6-inch POLED screen and a Snapdragon 845 processor.

According to these characteristics, the appropriate price is also determined. With a commercial price of $ 700, Nokia 9 PureView is a central segment of the phone, a very interesting feature. HMD understands that the device will not be directed to all users. That's why the company said the phone will be limited. A company with no clear number can decide whether to make more or less your phone according to a first set. It was not announced when the device was started.

Source: TechCrunch

The latest HMD phone is available in Nokia 9 PureView, that is, hexagonalised with 5 cameras, flash and color sensors. There are 7 cameras on the phone with two front cameras. The images taken by 5 cameras are combined at the same time in the phone to make it big. This allows the user to edit the photo. Each phone taken photo has 60 megapixel data. Mobile publishing phones will be sold for $ 700.

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