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Pay attention every morning poaa and bagels tketens

Dietician ebnem Kandral Yldrm Diet, "carbohydrates (simple) or carbohydrates (fiber and nutrients and refined dishes), including white bread, pizza dough, pasta, baking (bagels, poaa, etc.), White Nutrient values ​​are low, There is a lot of calories and you need to break down your milk. When you eat refined carbohydrates, your blood circulates and then it triggers the release of many other pancreatic people to beat the abdomen, so after eating, we need more carbohydrates and alkaline r nutrients, weight In addition, the increase in triglyceride levels increases over time and the resistance to type 2 diabetes improves relaxation resistance, "he said.

High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, hyperactivity and mood disorders are associated with high diets and carbohydrates and refined crops, linked to diabetes, human organs and liver disease, human resistance and diabetes. By cutting food, the finer phase of the waist and the risk of diabetes will be higher. This causes very simple carbohydrates (inflammation) and inflammation of the arteries, when the walls and arteries of the arteries are rich in blood and oxygen. l) Coronary artery reduction is a risk factor, which makes it difficult for you to reach your heart.

In addition to those with a large percentage of refined arrows, those who eat less arrows will be 2 to 3 times more with kyas with heart disease. Ks Ekt also has the ability to release the brain from dopamine. For people with Bamla benefit, refined / invasive carbohydrates are a risk factor for cancer cells and cancer cells. However, simple refined carbohydrates support Kt bacteria growth, such as candida, inhibit the normal nature of cytokines and cause cancer cells and cause metastasis.

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