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Sales pay monthly to Facebook on Facebook

On Facebook's agenda, some time to collect users' information can be between 13 and 35. "Facebook Research Application" He paid $ 20 per month per month for the foundation.

According to a report, according to a recent report by Facebook, BBC's North American BBC News Reporter at BBC, according to Facebook's latest research, will pay for personal information, he says.

TechCrunch, according to recent research, publishes new technologies and analysis, the latest Facebook application violates Apple's privacy policy.

According to the report, this application provides "almost unlimited access" to Facebook. Facebook user phones:

– All content, videos and photos, in messaging applications

-Mail content

– Internet browsing information

– Where and when they will be used

-Internal and direct location information for the user

– And you can access the data for use.

In addition to these data, Facebook wanted users to get the follow-up screen for the users participating in the Amazon program.

The company stated that it was market research and that all participants were authorized and under 18 years of age, the parents were denied their parents.

According to some charges, Facebook has announced that the search on Apple's phone has stopped.


In TechCrunch news, a Facebook official says that this program is not "Facebook Research Application" and he continued:

"We are not unexpectedly spying. All participants participated in the process, which they did not pay, and less than 5 percent of those who participated in the market research were under 18 and they were taken to their parents' termination."

When asked by the BBC how to obtain parental permission, the permissions were taken by third parties and Facebook was not in the process.

Apple has not yet made any statement about its privacy policy. They said they were aware of the app and they would make a press release soon.

The Facebook app was also used on Android phones, but there was no comment from Google.

In 2013, Facebook created another application called Onavo for market research. Last year, in August, Apple evaluated data collection.


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