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Super Lotto results: huge bonus … MPI Results of January 31 of 2019 Super Lotus lottery

Super Lotto was a huge jackpot of 12 million excitement pounds. In the seventh season of Super Lotto, the highest bonus was 12 million. In today's lottery, the amount of the bonus is 14 million 333 thousand francs. January 31, 2019, our details at Super Loto lotteries results.

SUPER LOTO RESULTS – JANUARY 31, 2019: 10 – 13 – 30 – 31 – 48 – 50

Lottery Lottery Lottery organized by the National Lottery Administration (MPI) was directly sent directly to ​​at 21.15. Depending on the Super Lotto result, bonus information details will be available.

People Known 6***Jackpot per person***
Discovered 5 people***Jackpot per person***
4 The number of people you know***Jackpot per person***
3 Known peopleJackpot per person


The Administration is an opportunity-based game based on the correct estimation of numbers 6, 5, 4 and 3. According to the draw, participants in the 1-54 number will be determined.

The draw will be won using the special balloon bundle according to the game plan.
Receipts will be carried out in the day and hours that the Administration determines.

Dealers and Offices designated by the Administrations must pay bonuses in their respective jurisdictions.

Dealers, vendors and offices are determined by the administrations. The bonuses will be completed within one year from the draw date.

Tickets are not accepted from the system, forged, distorted, scratched, expired and canceled entries are not paid.

In order to pay a card, the minimum number of points, barcode, card security number and back series number must be clearly read.

Super Lotto games will transfer to other weeks if you do not know a great bonus.

He draws bonuses for the Super Lotto game,

* Those who know (3) and (4), Lotto vendor bonuses,

* (5) Those who know Lotto sellers or MPI branch bonuses,

* (6) For those who know, their bonuses will be paid by the MPI General Directorate.

SUPER LOTO last week RESULTS – MARCH 24: 4 – 21 – 25 – 38 – 48 – 50

People Known 67. SpeedJackpot per personTL 12,027,760.26
Discovered 5 people63Jackpot per person10,511.80 TL
4 The number of people you know3654Jackpot per person$ 0
3 Known peopleJackpot per person

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