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The baby lost the accusation of mother's shock

Reyhan, a 3-month-old child, died in Serik district in Antalya. When pregnant death was suspected, 24-year-old Asiye Karademir was arrested. When it was released through the decision of the prosecutor, Asiye Karademy denounced the float electricity bill for electricity due to the loss of her child's death.


The Serik main district was affected on February 25. Asiye Karademir, only sitting alone, realized that a 3-year-old baby, Reyhan, was still lying. Asiye Karademire, taking the baby from her child, went to the door of her friend at 8.00 a.m. and asked for help. The police and the health team appeared on the surrounding ad. The baby was killed in the study.


After the event, the funeral of Reyhan, the former autopsy, was determined to determine the exact cause of death to the Attorney's Office at the Antalya Medical Court Institute. Ama Asiye Karademir was arrested. Reykhan's murder autopsy after Seric buried. After the operations at the police center, he was commissioned by Asiye Karadim Fiscal.


Her baby, Reyhan, took blood, hair, and nails from her mother while she was doing this as a suspect.

"Growth Growth"

Asiye Karademir said the incident on DHA and explained that his parents had been losing their children and grew up in the orphanage. Asli Karademir said that he was originally Rizeli and had to deal with athletics and that he was 19 years old, he was civil servant, and after being assigned to the National Division of the Serik District, he was appointed as Inspectorate.


Asiye Karademir said he divorced his spouse and rented a baby from Serik. He wanted to warm the baby with a heater that he bought with it and received $ 500 of electricity bill. Asiye Karademy said that after paying his electricity debt he only worked for air conditioning. This time 800 TL electricity bill arrived.


According to Karadir, who uses electricity used by others, he said he had not paid the owner of the bill. "I do not have any money at this time," said Karademir, asking me not to speak in my mouth and asked me to pay my debt. Then I broke the mirror in my house. My hand has been broken right away. "


After this event, the landlord disassembled the electric clock because he had not spent 2 days home of electricity at his friend's house, at his friend's house, when he returned home to Asiye Karademir, who did not want any more. Asiye Karademir, "I have been working on my baby for 3 years, and I tried to heat my body. On the fourth day, I had food on the fourth day, I slept well. On the way, the body was getting cold, the rock was a bit harder. "he said.


Karadir immediately became a neighbor at home, police and medical staff went home, he said. While the healthcare team is doing cardiovascular massage, the baby does not stop killing the cold, but the autopsy report says the cause of death has been certain according to the report. Karade, "I can not hurt my child's hair. I think they took blood, hair and nails. We're waiting for the results of the autopsy. My daughter was not alive. I want to do whatever punishment I want.

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