Monday , February 17 2020
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The bus in Istanbul struck with minibus

D100 came to the side of Haramider in the direction of Aviles. Alişen Lion's wheel lost his way to the van. Savrulan minibus behind the public bus between Silivri-Yenibosna. The environment escaped in the accident by the minibus. The corrupt minibus directed the effort of the people. After the accident, the police and medical team sent scenes. The medical teams that came to the scene died in the wounded place. 2 other minibuses were taken to the hospital in the ambulance. Due to the accident on the side road, in the direction of Avila, the traffic intensity occurred.


Meanwhile, the scene of the accidents was reflected in the public safety camera. In the pictures, the driver lost control of the minibus wheel in the coach before knocking the pole and throwing it on the road. The bus in the back is tapped with lower case.


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