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The Central Bank gives the government the inflation rate

The Central Bank sent "Open Letter" to the Finance and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak in behalf of the Government. As mentioned in the 2018 Financial and Monetary Policy, published on December 5, 2018, the 2018 inflation target was 5% in 2016.

In the same text, it should be noted that inflation is excluded from 2 points of the point specified for one year's purpose, this letter will be written to the Government's letter.

The measures adopted and the measures adopted and the measures adopted by the measure adopted were included in the letter, including the factors that determine the inflation of 2018 and the measures taken to achieve the goal.

As a result of the exchange rate movements in 2018,
rising is transferred.

In addition to the steps of monetary policy, a letter about a balanced economic program, under inflation expectations and negative pricing controls, inflation levels and global uncertainties kept risks at a price stability and needed a vision of strict policy.

In the letter, we recorded:

"The next season, CBRT will use all of its tools to achieve the main goal of price stability: monetary policy stance is expected to continue to decline in one single digit and the inflation target will reach 5 points, while other CBRT developments will be monitored by CBRT, and, if necessary, to complete the currency stress. Monetary policy stance and strong political coordination are vital. down belowContinued improvement in risk perception is anticipated and the credit channel and credit channel will gradually recover the economic recovery.

CBRT will continue to support structural studies in stable price stability.

Volatility and volatility will reduce inflation, price stability and social welfare. In this context, the CBRT will continue to work on the analysis of structural elements and macro-prudence policies.

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