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The last time … The curious expression of the world's believers was expected! Here is the full text İşte

International markets were blocked by the United States Federal Reserve (Fed). The meeting began yesterday and ended today and Fed announced the decision of interest rates.

The FED announced at noon this afternoon that the interest rate has been increased at 22:00. Thus, the federal funding rate was between 2.25 and 2.50. The decision was taken unanimously.

The Fed statement has been steadily increasing. The US Central Bank has committed itself to being "ill" in the next moves. Fed is adjusting the normalization of balances, he said. The phrase "Reply Balance" has been removed from the decision text.

According to the Fed, the expenses were increased and the investments were moderated. According to the survey, core and headline inflation remained at around 2 per cent, while expectations of inflation-based inflation changed somewhat. The US Central Bank maintained the balance amount by 50 million dollars a month.

In the Fed statement, since the main monetary policy of the federal financial instrument is the core, the market-based inflation clearing indicators have declined over the last few months.

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What are the FED 2019 calculations?

Fed was not interested in the economies expected this afternoon. Fed's views are an increase in interest rates for 2019.


When the money market reached a level of 5,3245, the central bank's inflationary expectation of the forecasts was up and it lost 5.2620. The dollar was 5.26 before the Fed decision. The first reaction was strengthened in the Turkish Lira. Dollar 5.24 condemned. The dollar continues to decline at 5.28.


The Fed opened in 2018 with Jerome Powell to increase interest rates four times. It was launched in Powell on March 21, when Fed raised its interest rate. The year was 2.25-2.50 points.

March 2125 Basics1.50-1.75
June 1325 Basics1.75 to 2.00
September 2625 Basics2.00 to 2.25
December 1925 Basics2.25 to 2.50
The last time ... The expression of Fed's interests was all over the world.


Fed increased the rate of interest rate for the fourth quarter of the year, and the interest rate was increased by Fed Jerome Powell for the first time on March 21. In this statement, Fed announced that its policy rate has risen to 25 points by 1.50-1.75.

The Fed held a monetary policy before the 1st of June on the 1st of August, with interest rates based on 25 points from 1.75 and 2.00 points.

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The rise in interest rates was the first increase on September 26, based on 25 points. In this way, the policy rate rose from 2.00 to 2.25. In 2018, the four Fed four members had an increase of 4 interest rates, as expected.

The Fed began its cycle of tightening in December 2015 and took action at this time. Since the tightening cycle, Fed has raised interest rates at 9. At the same time, Fed United States President Trump has stepped up interest rates six times in office in January 2017.

The last time ... The expression of Fed's interests was all over the world.


US President Donald Trump warns of the first Fed meeting on December 18. Trump called the Central American Bank (Fed) to the markets without embarrassing Tr. On Twitter, Fed would not have to reduce its liquidity in the markets, Trump said. Moreover, they do not have liquidity of the market now less than. 50 million assets have been reduced. Feel the markets, meaningless numbers. Good luck! İyi

Trump also warns of Fed's Twitter position. It is incredible that the Fed is re-interest rate evaluating the strong and zero inflation outflows, even though it's a global outbreak. Paris is burning, China is going down. Take your victory to Z.

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