Tuesday , June 22 2021

The world famous company left lucky!

Samvel Karpatyen's 87-meter German luxury merchant brand, Lüerssen's Ace and yacht yachts, speedboats, speedboats, water toys, and all of its equipment, such as the 67-meter Danish Docking Car, Garçon Yachts, Marmaris Harbor I did

According to the UAV, while the supply was made in very large security measures, the ship owners and ships left almost a fortune.

Asmira Oil officials said in a statement; 15 vehicles and 400 thousand liters of gasoline, helicopter airplanes and other gasoline-powered vehicles are called.

According to the magazine Forbes, Karpetyan, an Armenian $ 2.8 million, settled in Russia in 1990, and founded the Tashir Holding company, owned by the electric distribution of Moscow Street.


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