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This method is used by COPD patients

Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital Breast Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Dr. Bayram Metin, the bronchoscopic method, the emphysema pulmonary valve or coil & # 39; To reduce the volume of COPD patients' applications to improve breathing comfort and quality of life, he said.

It causes COPD disease, smoking-related illness, symptoms of respiratory distress, and chronic cough when it causes aerial consciousness. Dr. As the disease progresses, the air is trapped in the lungs due to aerial convulsions, and the air bubbles do not work under lungs and cause lungs to function, causing a completely diaphragm that separates the abdominal cavity and the chest cavity, and is the main muscle of the respiration. because it reduces the patient's breathing capacity greatly because it has lost its mobility, "he said.

The Valve or Coil method will be included in the advanced phase

The recommendations to stop smoking in the early stages and patients' smoking also indicated that nebulis and inhaler treatment methods were commonly used. Dr. The text indicates that the surgical and bronchoscopic volume reduction methods were increasing the pressure of the breast during the advanced stage of the patient's emphysema area during this fourth stage.

The most commonly used methods for reducing bronchoscopic volumes are the Valve (Valve) and the Spiral Wire (Coil) methods. Dr. "These methods are mainly carried out by means of a light-conducting tube through an oral pulmonary tube, which means that the patient's body does not have any cut-off for these 45-minute applications."

Making better use of healthy areas

Since COPD is an irreversible disease, the volume reduction methods do not completely eliminate the disease and follow the patient's procedure if it is to continue the drug. Dr. "However, as a result of the procedure, pulmonary work areas are better used, and the number of oxygen and medication significantly decreased.

It is advisable to stop smoking before the patient's procedure

The doctor was diagnosed with pulmonary tomography before the alleged procedure was applied to the patient. Dr. The text added that the method was not applied to non-smokers.

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