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Turkey's EURO 2020 Football League C misses luck – Football


2420 teams will participate in the European Football Championship in 2020. The 2nd and 4th places in 20 countries will be taken in 10 teams at the end of the EURO 2020 teams in the matches that will take place on November 21 and 19, 2019 and will participate directly in the championship. The other 4 teams will have the UEFA Nation League.

The Nationals League, which is classified by the qualifying teams of 4 teams of non-EURO 2020 options.

The EURO 2020 will have the opportunity to participate in the National Football Team, the National League can participate in the championship.

Nation B League 2 won 1-0 in Sweden's C League. In the National League of the same match, the next League League will be organized by Liga de C.

EURO 2020 to join the Turkish Nation

And the possibility of increasing the number of teams through the B League directly into a Turkish Championship will increase the level of EURO 2020 rankings.

The UEFA International League, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Spain, England, Croatia and the League of B League, thanks to EURO, participated in the first and second place in the 2020 ranking, The third hope is still hope.

The Turkish team can reach the final drop in the league and the B league play-off despite the European Championship in the UEFA National League.

It is in Turkey where B Liga has finalized four teams leaders in Sweden, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina or if all enters directly into Ukraine and among the 20 European Championship teams participating, depending on Turkey, B League will play play-offs 4 against teams. you have them

This option is made up of 12 teams that are away in a league that has more than 8 teams to participate directly in the European Championship to form a 4 B team that will play a play-off if the League and Turkey play-off is part of the Opposition is born.

League of Nations

According to the classification of countries, 55 national federation federations 55 federations distribute them into A, B, C and D legislatures, while 12 teams of leonine A and B fight against four of the four countries. There are three countries in C Liga and three other three countries. Four countries have four league D leagues.

This organization has been organized to prepare matches and participate in the European Football Championship.

The UEFA Nationals League, in the European Championships of 2020, has the chance to participate in European championships as an alternative to organizing through the most vulnerable teams of Europeans with fewer European champions.

UEFA Nationals A, B, C and D competitions will play 16 play-offs. After each league play-off, the EURO 2020 team will be composed of 4 teams.

Draws of the EURO 2020 classification will be held on December 2, 2018, compared to the League of Nations. The EURO 2020 qualification will start in March 2019 after group specification. After the qualifications, 20 teams will travel to EURO 2020.

The remaining 4 countries will play the Nation League matches in March 2020.

League of Nations

Portugal, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands, leader of the UEFA League league, won the right to fight against the UEFA League final.

One of these four countries will win in the Nation League Championship on June 9, 2019.

League C

The next International League C League, organizing Turkey will be easier to face opponents than According to him, the chance to return B League, seems to be high.

Slovakia and Turkey, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland also fell into the C League countries. Turkey C League Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania are waiting for teams, among others.

Turkey, the C League team, may have the opportunity to take part in the forthcoming event event as a leader, to participate in this UEFA National League tournament through play-off.

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