Friday , July 1 2022

Who was the MasterChef? Will the MasterChef be removed on November 27 in Turkey? Here is the new chapter trailer


MasterChef was excited last night. MasterChef Captain of Turkey also on the first day of the week Competitors, team fight and immunity game. The first elimination candidate was specified. Here's the trailer for the new episode and the first qualifying nomination.

What happened to MASTERCHEF TEAMS?

Tuna with Sashimi tuna, Roast tuna, Tuna tail and Ginger Sauce. He was the senior leader of Meltem and became the leader of the Uğur blue team. Hakan, with the help of both teams, was curator. Mehmet, in the red group, was furious at all, knowing everything, becoming an expert and mixing all the dishes. As Ujerus had a bluefin tuna fish, he gave too much weight. At the end of the competition, the team's blue and three meals were better than the team and saved the team.


The team that won the red team Meltem, Kerem and Mehmet and Hakan will play immunity. Hakan won immunity because Hakan does not have immunity, because Hakan shares immunity with others. In the game of immunity, competitors took 10 different products on the market. However, the materials were taken "in a blind way". The dinner at Mehmet was the first to taste their competitors who ate their meals. However, Mehmet's dinner was never admired. Kerem was a rival.


In MasterChef, another game was eliminated. They tried to guess what they tried to smell and smell their hand-made material. Hakan also participates in the game, again if Hakan is immunity, the immunity will be shared with Mehmet or Meltem. The rest will be included in the trash. However, Mehmet did not know the name of the handle with Roquefort. Meltem's second person was deleted. Hakan was the winner of the game. Hakan Meltem gave immunity to Mehmet's last tension. Hakan, Meltem and Mehmet have won Hakan and Hakan does not need immunity, Meltem & # 39; e this week's first selected candidate Mehmet It was.


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