Monday , November 29 2021

words to ignite the tension of Pompey coming to Turkey


Despite coming to Turkey on a “busy schedule” to go to Ankara, and so a senior official said he would meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo beforehand, Turkey condemned the French press.

Today from some contacts in Turkey and Istanbul, it will be Pompeo, rooted in the French newspaper Le Figaro. Pompeo said that European Turkey, along with the US administration in recent months, should take joint action against the Middle East movement.

Pompey, who made an exclusive interview, commented on Turkey.

While Pompeo, especially Azerbaijan recently supported Turkey and Libya, and expressed concern about the Mediterranean movements, “French President Macron and I agree that there is a very aggressive movement in the latest movement.” Europe and the United States must work together to convince President Erdogan that the movements are not in the interests of his people. “

Pompeo, Turkey said the Turkish movement has caused military concern in NATO or is responding to a question related to the separation.


After the painful U.S. election process, with the loss of Donald Trump, Pompeo’s relationship with France, which began last week, turned into a farewell tour. He will travel to many countries, including countries that congratulate his rival Joe Biden Trump.

After Paris, Pompeo Fener will meet with the Greek patriarch Bartholomeos. Due to the intensity of his program and the fact that he will not explain official relations in Ankara, he will give speeches on Pompeo’s farewell tour in Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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