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World racing photos

Astronaut Drew Feustel took photographs of the racetrack from all over the world to get the necessary information, free time at the International Space Station.

The astronauts who work at the International Space Station work harder than any other person in the ground. The worst part of being in the International Space Station is not so much activity to evaluate your free time. But NASA's Astronaut Drew Feustel seems to have found a solution to this problem.


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Drew Feustel was an American-born astronaut who was a real car and racing enthusiast. However, life brought a new commander to the International Space Station, instead of the race driver. Feustel selected racetracks from all over the world to evaluate free time at the International Space Station.

Feustel called for the Task Control Support Team to coordinate the tracks to capture all of the tracks. He organized the whole day, therefore, during the races that could be obstacles during the International Space Station. Although everything was planned, it was definitely not easy.


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The International Space Station is located 400 kilometers from the ground and has a speed of 27,600 kilometers per hour. By carrying such a small object, it is not easy. But Feustel has achieved 800mm lens, 2x transducer and Nikon D5 cameras.

Paul Ricard – French F1 GP

Detroit GP – IndyCar

Bahrain GP – F1

Barcelona – Spanish F1 GP

Jerez-Ángel Nieto – Spain

Czech Moto GP

Moto GP Malaysia

NTT IndyCar

Pocono Raceway – IndyCar

Texas Motor Speedway – IndyCar

Valencia Moto CP

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