Friday , March 31 2023

Yılmaz Erdogan: Has he ever followed Müge Anlık?


That day I heard about the great talents I heard, and I was in the House of Culture in Besiktas to see sketches. Most jokes that you think were coming out of the new talents' talent, but Yılmaz Erdogan was very much in the same way.

In a conversation with his team for two years, the public laughs. When the police were over, the room said that he laughed more than Yılmaz Erdogan. In Erdogan, "This is not a sketch, do you not follow Müge Anlı?" He was angry with the actors. "It's a guilty person, not a realist," said the master, "I'm watching Müge Anlı. I look forward to it." He was thrilling. When I publish the magazine in the journal, Müge Anlı & # 39; yı izle, "he joked.


When Cihan Talay appeared to present sketches, asked Yilmaz. I asked: "It does not work (Yeneni)," he said. I asked: "No, you can not offer it," he said. Meanwhile, when the laughter rose, they lost an amazing applause to the old generation. Erdal Tosun and Gürdal Tosun brothers did not forget the "Very Beautiful Movements 2nd Generation" scene. At the end of the first draft, actors Yilmaz Erdogan were presented; He left the food sector and another was a student when he was an insurer. The most amazing place was the age of Yilmaz Erdogan, the age of players. When the players were in the 35s, Erdogan said: of course, if you expect a second-generation youngster, but when they had met, they were young, they've been working for years, until they're the oldest.


"Very Nice Movements 2. These generations" are all talented and natural players.

On January 1st, we will see the performance of many people "Company Organization: Carp Spiral".

Scale was in the scene; It's hard for a mafia to go to the movies with her girlfriend, and it's almost too old. Meanwhile, "Stop, I see my sketch," Atakan Celik said, laughing at the audience. & # 39; Asim Noyan's son law & # 39; play Bahadır & # 39; ı.


The return and Yılmaz Erdogan saw in the middle of the show, Erdogan said 50 people had grown at the stage of the infrastructure. When I asked the first generation and the next generation's generation, "Obviously, they proposed a work by Safa Sarı & # 39; ye. When Safa appeared on stage, Bülent Ersoy, Gökhan Türkmen, later broke up with Yılmaz Erdoğan's imitation.

On his face he deserved to see the imitation of Yılmaz Erdogan; It was so funny …

Safa remembered his success with memory with imitation and acting skills.

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