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& # 39; Doomsday & # 39; details close to the wonderful!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – NASA has released new images of asteroid PINE, Doomsday or asteroid asteroids; Scientists believe that they are moving towards our planet, presenting the most dangerous space that threatens the lives of millions of people in the Earth.
NASA's Osiris Rex vehicle continues to approach Pino and continues to take an accurate asteroid picture, because the sun is far from the Earth.
The Osiris Rex mission, launched in 2016 and arrived in Pino in December 2018, is an asteroid survey, one of the largest space exploration missions in human history.
NASA photographed from a 1.6-km long asteroid pine determined the details of a rocky mass that looks like a huge oak.
NASA announced earlier that Pinus had collided with the Earth's 80,000-fold power on the 19th of August 1920 by the Japanese bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

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