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5 symptoms indicate heart problems


5 symptoms indicate heart problems


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There are symptoms that express heart problems

The heart is the main body in the human body and causes illnesses related to any disease in life and negligence can cause serious consequences.

The main symptoms that indicate the start of a heart problem:

Chronic cough

They may be signs of continuous and persistent cardiovascular disease. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of the color of the fleming, if it is a sign of a heart problem.

2. Inflammation of the feet

Inflammation of the feet is one of the symptoms of heart failure, without the need for blood flow and the need for blood vessels to survive and cause inflammation.

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3 – feel choking

Rarely the daily work of burdens is not a tough body. But this extraordinary condition, which coincides with the feeling of weakness, is usually a sign of heart failure, especially when lying down.

4 – color brown skin

The color of the skin becomes pale enough for blood in the blood for a microbe, that is, missing the red blood that reaches the skin. If this condition continues, consult your cardiologist.

5 – Irritating nerve pulse

Emotional tremor is one of the most common causes of cardiac arrhythmias, in this case, katecholamines (including fugitives and fight hormones that exclude adrenal glands), including adrenaline, negatively affect the functioning of the muscular heart.

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