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A Nobel Prize winner makes a surprise about beef and dairy products


LONDON (Reuters) – A German Nobel Prize in Medicine warns of the risk of cancer due to specific types of cancer and breast cancer.

Diarrhea and milk The ingredients called DNA, according to hypothesis, may be a cause of chronic inflammation that may increase the risk of colon cancer and breast and prostate cancer, said Harald Tsur Hausen, renowned researcher at the German Heidelberg Cancer Research Center.

According to the center, according to the new model of distribution of the colon and breast cancer rates, it shows a close correlation between the consumption of cancer and dairy products and the European beef.

Breast dairy provides information on the availability of DNA molecules, which prevents these risks, said breast milk protects the absorption of these molecules due to the storage of certain natural sugars.

"I recommend that the mother breastfeed her babies for as long as possible, for more than 12 months," said the Germans.

The German Cancer Research Center warned children not to feed early babies in any way.

For adults, the German doctor has stated that avoiding the characteristics of sugar is avoided, provided they are not permanent effects.

Tsur Hausen said that it would not do anything to cut cow and adult milk because it is already infected.

As a possible means of preventing others, the German doctor recommended a livestock vaccine and eliminated milk molecules from the DNA.

The German physician, Harald Tsur Haus, won the Nobel Prize for Medicine to discover the role of human papillomics in the development of cancer against cancer.

A few years ago, Tsur Hausen made a premise for cattle and cow milkshoot in humans to cause cancer. (Agencies)

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