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Adapt the Turkish TRT 1 to the V frequency band Artgarl 140. ArtGrill 140 surprise

Millions of fans in all Arabian countries are looking for Turks Turkish TRT frequency channels Turkish TRT TRT is a Turkish satellite Broadcasting Corporation (TRT) satellite channel, as well as Turkish satellite channels. It has become one of the most popular channels in the world, especially in the Arab world, because it offers a wide range of social, artistic and artistic programs, news, culture, and Arab, and we offer you the following lines in the trt "TRT" frequency of the turkish channel. Ertuğrul Fifth part.

Adjust TRT 1 Turkish channel frequency

Channel Satellite Frequency Coding rate polarization Correction coefficient
TRT 1 HD Turkey Turksat Turksat 42 ° E 11054 30000 Vertical V 5/6
TRT 1 HD Turkey Turksat Turksat 42 ° E 11042 8400 Vertical V 5/6
TRT 1 HD Turkey Eutelsat Eutelsat 7th E 10928 30000 Vertical V 5/6
TRT 1 HD Turkey Nile Sat 11392 27500 Vertical V 3/4
Turkish TRT 1 channel frequency
Turkish TRT 1 channel frequency

Steps Tuned Frequency Channel TRT 1 Turkish TRT and watch Artegrel Episode 140 series:

All you have to do is follow these steps to adjust the frequency of the TRT channel and see everything displayed on the screen:

  • First of all, you have to select the satellite directly and direct it with the frequency of the moon "Chat or Eutelsat"

  • Second: Enter the TRT Frequency Number directly by the controller, and then click on a search term.

  • Then, the frequency of the Turkish TRT satellite will take place in the events of Artegral Resurrection Part V.

Through the steps above, we can track the receiver's TRT 1 receiver in a very simple and easy way, Artegrl V IV. For episode series events events.

Artegrl 140 episode published in TRT in Turkey.

On Tuesday afternoon, section 139 of the Artegral Resurrection Part 5 will be presented.

Channel frequency

ArtGrill 140
ArtGrill 140

The series presents the famous Artegral Resurrection through numerous satellite channels:

  • Turkish "TRT" channel
  • Al Yarmouk channel
  • Channel call
  • Al Sharq kanala
  • Watan Channel

The fifth part is expected to end in the story of Artgreins at the beginning of the sixth part of Osman's resurrection, and the emergence of the Pacific Empire under Osman Ben Artgreene.

Artegral Resurrection Group V series heroes:

Turkish actress Engin Altan Doziatan plays "Artgrel"

Holia Dargan as "Mother Himaima I"

Tachanar as "Gundogdo Artegral Brother"

Diddam Balchin as "Sutton Hatton"

Othman Suwikt, role of Mohiuddin bin Arabi "

Genghis Josh as "Turgut Alp"

Nour al-Din Sunmaz "Rick Bamsey By"

Jalal Al-Mudour "Abdul Rahman"

The 140th edition will be broadcast on Wednesdays in RTT and on Thursdays by Dawa and Yarmouk. Dragus's character is revealed and is expected to be revealed.

Many 140-section Turkish fans are waiting for a number of surprise monks from the Kai tribe to try to kill Gunduz and Osman and try to kill Hayama's mother.

The Turkish series has achieved great ratings, especially in Arab and Islamic countries, millions of viewers watched all the episodes of the Resurrection series of Artegral. In the fifth part there will be many hot and decisive events.

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