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Ads … Famous ways and Turkish stars to increase wealth

At the same time, these companies are looking to market the reputation of a star to market their products, a way to duplicate advertisements and wealthy Turkish stars thanks to the participation in the representation or concert projects.

ArtGirl's heroine

Engin Altan Doziatan, Argereal Revival Ensemble, has signed a contract with the Turkish bank for one year, it will be a bank propaganda on all commercials, 6 million Turkish lira (about $ 1 million).

Sultan Hiam

Miriam Ozerli's actress, known as Sultan Hiam in the Arab world, was featured on Al-Yador's video advertisement for $ 600,000, a million lire in more than one Turkish.


Actress Kivanc Tatlitug, also known as Muhannad, is also the face of AK Bank Turk ads. Over the years, it has featured in the advertising videos of the bank, which earns $ 2 million of these ads.

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The artist Tarcan appeared at the end of 2018 in the video of Coca-Cola adverts and performs three million Turkish dance moves according to the Turkish press.

Turkish-speaking singer Tarkan has participated in 9 ads for telecommunications, Pepsi, painting and other companies, earning more than 40 million Turkish lira.

Ozgan and Sila

In 2015, Oikan Deniz, the star of Istanbul Bride, appeared with the actress Sila with the Coca-Cola concert. Ozgan earned 1.5 million Turkish lira equivalent while winning 700,000 Turkish lira.

Aras and Handa Artcil

Aras Pollut Inimli, a young actress, has been famous for two years now, the Turkish actor Dievato (clothing brand) announced the young actress, "Love Does not Understand Speech," a young actress.

Last week, Aras signed a new contract with the Italian Fiat and Fiat Doblo finished 3-day shoot, after earning 1 billion pounds in Turkey, according to the Turkish press.

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