Tuesday , June 15 2021

After the genetically modified genes, the birth of the first children

A Chinese scientist said two twin babies born in November helped to change the DNA. He used a new tool that rewrote the Twins Genetic Code before he was born.

If the news is true, it will be a great scientific and moral leap, according to the Association's press, referring to "Sky News" Arabic.

The American scientists said they were involved in scientific achievement in science, whether human genetic mutation or human genetic engineering is prohibited in the United States, because DNA genetic engineering will be passed down from generation to generation and endangering other human genes.

Most scientists believe that they do not make sure they try to do it, and other scientists have condemned and condemned human experiences.

Scientist scientist Hiy Jianqui said 7 female emirates have undergone genetic treatment for embryos, and one of them has been created up to now.

He said he did not have a type of treatment or prevention of genetic illness, but rather an effort to provide a few natural persons with the ability to cope with future infectious diseases, such as the disease or HIV.

The doctor refused the parents of two genetically modified generators and denied refusal to disclose their genetic, home, clinic or hospital abilities.

It has not recovered its confirmation of validity, nor has it been published in the scientific journals so that other experts and scientists can judge their validity or accuracy.

But as the doctor did on a Monday interview on Monday, he was one of the organizers of the International Conference on Genetic Engineering.

During the interview, Chinese scientists said: "I feel great, it was not the first time, but it has been a model and an example. It is a society that decides next step.

Kieran Mosonoro, an expert in genetic engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, decided that scientists had condemned it after studying it and decided to try out morally unacceptable human beings.

"We are dealing with genes responsible for the implementation of human rights orders," said Erik Topol, a genetic engineering firm at the California Transplant Institute.

However, George Church's genealogist has defended Harvard that AIDS is a genetic engineering essay, a serious public health threatening and growing threat. "I think it's justified," he said.

The American scientist is a scientist in the genetic modification, a professor of biological engineering and medicine Michael Demm, Giancoe scientist, a member of the two business sciences advisory boards.

Scientist scientist Jianqui stressed that AIDS is a genetic engineering because the disease is one of the main threats in China and prevented the "CCR-5" of the infection controller, which is a protein that allows HIV to enter the cell.

What did Giancoi do?

In the laboratory, genetic modification or genetic engineering begins in the first fertilization process in the laboratory, classifying the spermatozoa by means of isolated organic fluid generated by the testicle, which can be found in the fluid of the HIV.

The sperm is injected into a female egg to develop a cerebral brain vaccine and a genetic editing tool is added.

When the embryo reaches 3-5 days, some cells will be removed and analyzed to make changes. At this time, the couple can choose between transgenic or non-transgenic embryo IVF and pregnancy tries.

According to agencies, 16 genetically modified 22 embryos are used, and 11 fertilized eggs are used in 6 uterine transplants before the genetically modified twins are born.

Many scientists said the details of the scientific process, about Giancoic's press release, said that the experiments have not yet been said to indicate genetically modified or damaged enough.

They mentioned the genetic mutation process, which did not complete, replacing some cells with preventing AIDS, as George George said.

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