Friday , March 31 2023

After the shock of his death … The artist has cursed the death of Amal Hamada! | All over the world


The Lebanese street has received a lot of sadness for Amal Hamada's baby, the daughter of Nabatieh's southern city, at 41, after being stuck. Najdah was taken to the hospital when he died at Nabatiyeh.

Amal Hamada (born in 1976) is a family suffering from stroke. His three brothers (brother and sister) died for the same reason.

Perhaps, for this reason, Amal expects in a previous television interview due to his death clot, a sharp prediction serendipit, where he thought the dead brother was similar.

Hamada appeared for the first time in the media after a television interview, after his famous phrase, "Berez men", and later became a television material program.

Once again, popular artists have been saddened and expressed pain for death, and Elissa Twitter said in her own tweet: "I did not know about Amal Hamada's death." He said.

Artist Jo Raad commented: "God has his mercy. He was good and depression. I did not laugh.

Your spirit and laughter will remain with me, the most expensive.

Maggie Bou Ghosn wrote a joke to cry Amal Hamada's deathHe said: "Bye Amal Hamada. God pardoned you with your delightful spirit and the openness of its crimes and the patience of the family … Our prayers." Elisha said she was a tweet and said: "I realized so much the death of Amal Hamada, What is it that only meet us and pray for the mercy of the spirit of God.

Anabella Hilal Amal Hamada was kidnapped with a stroke after her death

Amal Hamada's body will be buried on Wednesday at Nabatiyeh's hometown, where relatives and loved ones bury themselves in funeral ceremonies. Let's remember that Amal Hamada's popularity has increased three years ago, as Future TV chose it with her friend. The men were asked, they were called "extinct" and the word was spread.

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