Saturday , January 28 2023

Al-Faya, an injured family in an accident, refuses to leave the hospital and reaffirms his status as stable


The young family who had injured a serious accident on the Al-Faiya area confirmed that his car was damaged, that he had previously seen his car at Al Qasim hospital.

Al-Faya, a family of injured incidents, has told Emirates Al-Youm that his son was at an hospital-intensive hospital at Al-Qasim Hospital, and his condition was steadily improving.

The doctor said they needed them, and confirmed their good and improved condition, caused by accidents on their faces and hands and healthy limbs.

Her family has denied what is happening from social media sites, videos and videos of childhood outcasts. "Everything that's published on the site is not correct," he said, no-one imagined.

33-year-old son, married and having children, is working in a Dubai ambulance, for many years he is undergoing disasters and constantly wears protective clothing.

They have said that they have spare parts for cutting and scaling in lands and deserts in the car, and explaining the cause of the accident and being sure that you can talk professionally about this sport for a long time and a long period of time.

According to what he said, when he was rescued by his son, during the incident, he was taken out of the car and moved to the main street, since the ambulance could not often enter the beach.

Sharjah has cooperated with Sharjah Air Wing and the Civil Defense Department to face the current wounded Al Qasimi Hospital. Sharjah sank into Al Faya and caught fire. He was taken to Al-Qasim hospital, but some eloquent and intermediate injuries were prevented, and his condition is now stable.


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