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Alexa Digital Assistant will soon publish news such as TV


Alexa will soon publish news such as TV, with the aim of tracking our website. Alexa Digital Assistant will publish it soon, such as the sender, the visitor, the website. Alexa will soon be able to read news such as television, news agencies and news agencies to find the latest and most important news. To read news from the writer's news, to view our site, Alexa Digital Assistant will soon be able to read news stories, to keep up-to-the-minute news.

Monday, November 26, 2018 8:45 PM The Economist Amazon continues its digital assistant skills Alexa. The enhancement adds new features and improves the overall performance of your PDAs. One of these improvements will review how Alexa will read. said Alexa's news will be similar in the way it's going to be in the near future as announced by professional news television.

News story Alexa PDA will rewrite in two weeks. The sound will not change, as those who change the way words talk will be the same, just like news broadcasts for TV professionals. polls show that users prefer regular Alexa style news. As the company says, this has become possible thanks to text-to-speech technology. This technique provides a breakthrough in speech synthesis, using automated learning to create faster expressions.

Technology first distributes audio samples in distinctive sounds, and then assembles them to create new words and phrases. Amazon has created this story based on real-time audio clips. Automated texts were used to get the methods used to read telemetric readings.


Alexa will soon be able to read news like ads, do not forget to admire the social media pages of the website to get acquainted with the latest political, academic, sports and technical websites. Alexa digital assistant will be soon. Read news like newsreader.

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