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Arab League: armed conflicts have had serious consequences for women


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The Arab League underlined the armed conflicts in some of the Arab states and, as a result, asylum and displacement and systematic violence against women and girls, including sexual violence, are clear and explicit violations of their rights for women, but also for women. It affects the whole Community with social, economic and political implications.

Haifa Abu Ghazaleh Ambassador, Assistant Secretary of Social Affairs, Secretary of Social Affairs, was given a lecture by the Subdirectorate General of Social Affairs during the opening session of the Second Emergency Commission for Women's League of Women in the League of Arab States. For women.

"Women suffer from bombardments and armed attacks, lack basic food and supplies, and take full responsibility for the family's children and elderly," said Abu Ghazale, ambassador.

"In the Arab-Armed Forces, in the long-term armed conflicts, women in general prefer to have families and take care of the elderly and the elderly for the care of their patients," Abu Ghazaleh said.

"We are currently collecting complex and complex environments that have affected the region over the last decade, their consequences have been accumulated and women have had Arab consequences," he said. "Nobody can agree with the main role of women in this period, and it must be wise and wise in all the difficult and painful conditions that cross the region, including the disaster of the growing Israeli occupation during the seven decades."

Abu Ghazaleh said that the Arab Secretariat of the Arab Women would be creating an emergency committee to ask for a follow-up on women in armed conflict, and to propose efforts to support women in armed conflict. Commission ".

He has debated the debate about the emergence of the Emergency Commission 2019-2020 at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League. The work of the Commission is to activate and exchange good practice and women's empowerment and support in armed conflicts. The importance of a regional governance mechanism for women, in the development and application of regional safety and peace recommendations, and at the request of Member States that recommend establishing an emergency committee for women in armed conflict.

Assistant deputy regional "Janica Kobler" of the Women's International Authority to discuss ways of protecting and activating women's emergency boards, especially in conflict areas, during a meeting.

On the other hand, UNFPA's Doctoral Dept. Louay Shabah presented a report on the challenges facing women and girls in the field of conflict and how to deal with it.

The agenda of the meeting is to discuss important issues such as addressing the challenges of women and girls in conflict areas, helping women respond to humanitarian aid in armed conflicts as well as measures to protect women in armed conflict. .

At this meeting, members of the Commission appointed by the member states, relevant experts and representatives of regional and international organizations participated.

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