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Arab MP and Aboul Gheit speaker work on Arab issues


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Dr. Mohammad Al-Salami, President of the Arab Parliament and Arab MPs, met with Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the secretary of the League of Arab League, on Thursday in the League of Arab League headquarters in the Arab League where he was interviewed and co-ordinated on Arab Unified Action. Arab world

At that meeting, the Arab League Speaker, the Arab Secretary of the Arab League, presented the vision of the Arab Parliament, the plan of action, and the Arab Parliament, in the political, economic, social and human rights work, especially Palestinian, in the fight against terrorism. , To strengthen Arab solidarity and face challenges, and to tackle external threats and attempts in the internal affairs of Arab countries.

The Arab Parliament Speaker has discussed the plans of the Arab Parliament to support the Arab economic integration and to make recommendations about the challenges of completing the Arab People's Market to facilitate an exchange of trade between the Arab countries and establish a vision of overcoming Arab trade barriers. And the Arab parliament's vision to activate the link between Arab countries.

The Arab Parliament speaks of the need for more cooperation between the Secretary-General of the Arab-Arab State and the parliamentary ministries of the Arab Parliament to support joint Arab action and to support important Arab and strategic issues.

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