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Arab newspapers question the fate of the "file of changes" in the Arab world

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The cost of life and the shortage of basic materials led to Sudan's confusion

Arab writers announce the movement of some Arab countriesIt will be the expansion of the 2011 Spring Arab Revolution.

Some commentators suggested that the regime in the region did not expect them to be called an explosion expected sooner or later.

On the other hand, analysts in several newspapers said that the Western Sahara's "American Zionist interest" of colonial imperialism is exploiting the movement that is taking place in southern Sudan countries.

"When an explosion matches?"

Khalil al-Anani "The New Arab" was expected in London as "an explosion in the Arab world" due to erosion, legitimacy, economic failure and social injustice.

"Those who think that converting the Arab world's archives to a temporary temple of smuggling, such as Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Algeria, affirm that economic and social conditions are essential for the removal of structural changes," he said.

According to the writer, according to Sudan, "time shopping does not listen to the voice of people listening to the interests of authoritarian regimes".

"The desire to monopolize ever since, without solidarity or the accounting and solidarity of society and life forces, the turmoil of the Arab countries is still behind the fragile stability that does not guarantee the survival of its monarchy, violating the violent change, state and society."

"Al Quds Al Arabi", happy in London in the Sheikh, believes that "they will not only control the tyrannical regimes of oppression power and the keys to the movement of the people, but they will avoid explosions, the only results, and the inevitable blockade," he said.

"Egyptian Ceiling Baba"

According to the article "Youth and Sudan change", the author "corruption and tyranny systems want to become a homeland only for young people who praise the government".

"The World Order has become a Syrian revolution, a terrorist who is constantly floundering and persecuting people," says Hayyan Jaber of the New Arab Emirates. "People have to face the two options: the responsibility of the demonstrators and demonstrators who are not silent on the abuse of state and society, the state and society, the corruption of all forms of corruption, presentation and submission authority."

"Syria, and perhaps Egyptian, Yemen and Libya, even the Tunisian model, has become one of the most important sources of pros and cons, peoples and protest movements with their experiences and lessons. Future protests will increase the chances of achieving the goals and human and material cost to get the least. Possible. "

"The Arabs, along with the protests, must step towards the elite and Arab intellectuals, at the beginning of the past revolution," said Hayoy ​​Jaber.

Suhair Abdul Rahim Sudanese "Attibah", a malicious attack called "Araguzat" and "neo-opportunists" based on a talk on retirement politicians from the national document.

These Opportunities seek "honor among young revolutionists, the revolutionaries who have abandoned the party or former non-party parties, outraged the cries of that country, without ethnic or ethnic affiliation, or partially, did not come up with no conspiracy in the midday agenda or night, bread, fuel They were asked about freedom and change. "

"Nowadays, the revolutionary liberators do not try to exclude Araguarez, to stop the revolution in the train, not to discard them and treat them as luggage, and when they go down the road, they fall into the closest waste waste.

"Bad Problems"

Rabi Shahe believes that what is happening in the Arab world is one of the scenes of the Sudanese peoples revolution, which is suffering from fragmentation and fighting in the United States of America, supposedly from the Arab Spring, to distribute this wealthy country to its riches, north and south.

From his point of view, "in the coming days, they will see the American revolution of other types".

"People in Sudan for this move state that the anger of the authorities' policies did not guarantee that every person is looking for a way of life to ensure that they have a family that is not right for them."

Shaheen is an initiative on "embarking on the exploitation of mistakes by the people of American action and its offerings" as a starting point for the United States of America, in order to make it easier for Arab citizens to make their decisions or to decide on soil degradation. Beyond the expectation of the framework, inevitably the interests of colonial imperialism for the American-Sionist. "

Faisal al-Assafek al-Hayat said: "Despite its stability, the Golko, which depicts the Saudi-UAE axis, has rejected the aggression against Arabs, who have made many sacrifices on their lands on their lands, Ben Ali and then the Dream of the Revolution Commission He resigned because they were fighting for the political forces in hell.

"The North Jordanian movement has become a necessity for the nation and nation, and in the face of real Arab and foreign pressure for the region," said Fouad al-Batayneh Rai al-Youm.

He says: "Fundamental mobility is spread out of leadership as a result of the real demands of people's change, and a shared leadership is not interested in mobility or social security or the interest of the state, so we are combining voluntary change and friendship with depth and expression and become more rational, and his political speech. "

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