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Artegirl's Resurrection, Part V., Chapter 133. Declaration, Artagrl 133. Channel of the historical Turkish department.

Serial Trt1 live live show with Artagr Monthly incidents in the series Artagrill 133 Returned We will show you some of our hopes Artagarl Group series events With respect to the history of the Turkish series, it is worth mentioning that the resurrection of Artegarl was in the throne of historical Turkish Drama in the last three years, and the series was unprecedented and unprecedented, where XIII. Series of AD Century series and series Artgirl bin Suleiman, father of Shah Othman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire, and chief of Oghuz Muslim Turk Kai tribe.

The first statement in the 133 series of Artegral resurrection returned to Arabic

The first announcement of the 132 series of Artegral resurrection came back to Arabic

Gepostet von Ahmad Moatasem am Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019

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Serial part IV

We expect the Artagirl series to be screened at the fifth installment of the first section, which will be displayed on Wednesday, and will see the section section 125 of the Artegral section of the Turkish channel channel and the channel's invitation, with serial channels and series for the success and continuity of the Arab world. In Turkey, however, the series is Turkish, but Arabic is translated into Arabic, a series of widely expanded Islamic Muslim production.

Transmission of Turkish trt channel and all channels of the fifth part

Channel nameCurrent frequencyEncoding ratepolarizationSatellite name
From four youngsters1131627500horizontalNilesat
Yarmou University1167827500verticalNilesat

About the series

Serial part IV
Serial part IV

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When the tribes around the world moved to Turkmen, the Muslim tribe joined the thirteenth century. In the century, they joined the Thaiqi history, which is why the Romans and Mongols competed and won the throne, statues and severe weaknesses in the rules of the state. Abbasid, the Muslim state, and the Gazan tribe, the greatest enemies fled among the Roman tribes and Mongols.

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