Tuesday , June 15 2021

Celebration of the 10th National Graduation Service

The Honorary Armed Forces Commitee graduated yesterday in the past ten American workers after completing the basic training period, lasting three months at various training centers.
The ten-year bachelor's degree offered military offers. This defended the homeland with great national spirit to defend the soil and defend it.
Likewise, the military presented military reviews that reveal their abilities and their degree of infantry. The manuscripts will pass to the second National Service, a specialized training course aimed at different units of the armed forces.
These presentations emphasized the spirit of spirituality, representing loyalty, serving and believing in our beloved country and belonging, and for their defense and sacrifice.
In Al Ain, the Armed Forces held three celebrations at the Seih al-Lahá camp and in Al Ain 1 and Al-Ain 2 suburban training camps, Sultan bin Saeed Al-Badi Al-Dhahiri witnessed the tenth witness at Seih Al-Lahma camp.

Al Ain Camp 1 and 2

Abdullah bin Mohammed Balheif Al Nuaimi, Infrastructure Development Minister, was at graduation ceremony at the Al Ain 1 training field. During the third graduation ceremony, he was also a member of the Al Ain 2 Training Camp, with the presence of senior officers in the armed forces.
The celebrations began with a national peace, following the Quran Holy verses, following military reviews in front of the platforms, the graduates presented the admiration of the spectators, and then the conferences of training leaders.
Al Ain 1 new entertainment training center graduates offered a lecture about the participation of attendees and attendees who participated in the speech. "These graduates were given training studies during the training course, in which they received theoretical and practical exercises that included both exercises and physical and psychological training in practice, knowing that the military and graduates demonstrated with pride and pride the difficulties they had in training, each drop of sweat bleeding. it seems to give it one.
"Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan recommends that all citizens continue to be a UAE escutcheon. He is responsible for preserving national heritage, protecting the life of the people, the UAE's wealth and all the achievements of the State. Al-Nahdha, adding:" His will went deeper into the dimension In a deep way, when he called his sons, the shelter of the homeland needed them to help them.

The most precious of your wishes

He directed graduates as saying: "Homeland, present and future is a strong fort, and the best thing to recommend is to join the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of his Messenger, give peace to him and be careful of Allah and His Messenger and respond to obedience as quickly as possible. -Sanrich, homeland, military professionalism, your slogan and session to apply all those learned in your units and to use all resources for your country and the armed forces. "
Applicants (officers / officers / trainers / administrators) thanked all the necessary support to achieve this success and achieve the goals.
The country's loyal soldiers and Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE General Court of the Armed Forces of the UAE, and the chairman of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and the UAE Prime Minister and the rule of the main rule of Dubai. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chief of Abu Dhabi Crown and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces of the UAE.

Manama center

In the context of the environment, Thani bin Ahmed Al Zaidi, Climate Change and Environment Minister, the tenth timing of the local authorities, witnessed the fact that the armed forces were taking part in the ceremony at Manama, Ajman Innovation Center.
This course includes basic training, infantry, weapons, archery, field dexterity, geo-gym, physical sports, chemical defense, and some of the national and safety issues.
The Training Center Command thanked the General Command for the Armed Forces with great effort and continuous monitoring, until graduating until now, and thanked the attendees and other attendees for all the graduates' training and qualifications and all the external professors. The duty of the armed forces to carry them out completely. "Graduates have enrolled in the first day of the school year, considering that they have a great challenge to prove their ability to face difficulties, command orders and instructions, and prove their original metals, as they were loyal Emirates men.

Liwa camp

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Hamid Al-Falous, Higher Education and Advanced Training Minister of State, saw the ten-year graduation ceremony at the Liwa Training Center of the Al-Dhafra Region, demonstrating the constellation of nationalists who responded to a basic training call to the national call.
The celebration of a national peace began, following the recitals of the Quran Holy verses, while graduates presented military reviews of different skills, they swore and praised the life of the President's Statute of the Mayor in order to preserve God.
During the ceremony, some official armed forces and parents attended.
The leader of the Liwa camp's training center participated in the speech speech by the leaders of the event and the audience. "This graduation, including a group of national citizens of the National State Service, is the tenth range of national and national excitement that came together with the national service. The prestige of our armed forces in the hearts and minds of the Basque Country, where partners want to unite and unite together , who serve as a national service for preparing and serving their homeland. "In addition, graduates completed training courses such as military infantry, armament, archery, field training, physical fitness and training on Jiujitsu sports, such as national conferences and others. Continued "The graduates of the first day of the enrollment demonstrated their ability to face the difficulties they faced with the great challenge they faced, and demonstrated orders and instructions and demonstrated their original metals. With this generation of defense and defense of their homeland ».

Fortified fortress

He also addressed graduates saying: "Today's and future homeland is a strong fortress, and it is best to recommend that you join the Widow's Book and the Sunnah of his Messenger, take peace and blessings and be careful to respect Allah and His Messenger and obedience. I am commending the loyalty of your lewdness to the military leadership of its career, I urge you to continue and strive, and it does not stop in basic training, it is a training phase for training services and reserve workers, and the training of specialized armed forces and real units have been completed. " He thanked all those who helped and assisted the Center for the Armed Forces, the National and Library Service, all Units, the Interior Ministry, the City of Al Dhafra, and the Center, for specific purposes.

Khawla Bint Al Azwar Military School

Afraa Saeed Al-Falasi, the Commander of the Military School Khawla Bint Al Azure, held in Abu Dhabi, was held in Abu Dhabi, during which the armed forces were gradually graduating from women's soldiers, this day, thanks to military training mutants and cross-training and linking. In this way, pride and pride today are full of excitement and patriotism.
He said that our commitment to the leadership of our knowledge and our national strategy is to unite the units to unite under the leadership of the aware and secure security, stability and stability in this country, giving their children and their precious and intelligent people. WAM

Parents: Our children are soldiers of the country's service

Some parents expressed happiness to their children at national level and after training, providing soldiers with pride and pride in that country and defending themselves everywhere and everywhere.
Salem Khalifa Al Mansouri has said he is happy that his son is at the service and self-defense of his own, after training for four months at the end of recruitment.
Al-Mansouri praised efforts aimed at young people who are willing to pay for training, training and homeland.
On the other hand, Salem Rashid Al Ali Christians thanked the All-Powerful Gods of Salmond Rashid Al Ali Ali, and then his parents allowed him to honor him, praising pride in fulfilling this national pride, inviting God to guard our leadership and our young state.

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