Tuesday , June 15 2021

Dementia is transmitted genetically to the family

Tomorrow– A strange woman with dementia died when she was pregnant with her son, the Daily Mail reported on Saturday as a result of a speculation caused by a genetic factor.

The source said the woman's husband also died of the disease, "Crutzfeldt Jakob," caused by a degenerative disorder of the brain and dementia and death, Sky News said.

The doctors knew that women were healthy and that they were releasing symptoms of pregnancy, but the fetus was taken by the father's disorder.

The woman's son is suffering from "Croatsfield Jacob", and the symptoms of the disease appeared 53-year-old men.

When the researchers had inherited the genetic head of the father's disease, they had to become fetus in their mother's womb.

Doctors say the embryo collects toxic proteins that pass through the cells, circulate in the blood and infiltrate the brain.

Kopenhagen, Copenhagen's Copenhagen Volcanic Disease Reference Center is particularly important for the detection of a new cause of dementia.

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