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Exercise reduces the risk of depression

Winter is a birthday, it tends to be more of a depression, especially due to cold and dark weather, as they tend to reduce their homes and reduce their social and physical activity.

Depression has long been linked to physical activity, but the nature of this association has, until now, left a question on the table: can it be used to reduce depression risk first?

A new study by the University Hospital of Massachusetts responded to the question. "Using genetic data, we have demonstrated that the higher levels of physical activity reduce the risk of depression," says Carmel Choi's head.

This means that if you do it regularly, it effectively reduces the risk of depression. This research is based on the set of data on the analysis of the association of physical activity and depression at the genetic level.

There were two set of physical activity data, in which the participants collected self-recorded exercise levels and data from a motion sensor.

Movement tracking sensors show that physical activity can prevent depression, but the self-recorded data set did not find that relationship.

In the study, I found that people who could not register physical activities, such as work or home cleanliness, were not registered. However, it helps to prevent the depression of any physical activity, depending on the study.

However, Choi has stated that "… of course, knowing that physical activity is useful to prevent depression is one thing, and other things really mean that people are active." More work is needed to find out how to adjust the recommendations for different categories of people with different health risks. "

Researchers are currently investigating the benefits of many people's sports and ways of promoting this information in general on physical activity.

Genetic attrition against depression must take a different perspective than those who have stressed depression.

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