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Facebook paid teens get their data

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The social networking sites of Facebook owned a stake in the collection of personal data for volunteers who participated.

The decision to stop the program that administered the United States area came after its publication.

By site " TechCrunch"Tech News has announced that programs between people between 13-17 years of age have a 20-month deadline for analyzing data stored on their smartphones.

The site has said that the application that is running in the program is running iOS Apple violated the company's privacy regulations.

The site used Facebook ads for teens. But Facebook has declined.

A spokeswoman for a network of social networks told Facebook whether or not this program was in a country outside of the United States.

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Applications have the ability to use "unlimited access" to users' data in their devices, including:

* Have private messages in the messages application, including images and video clips.

* Email.

* Web browsing activity.

* Records of downloaded applications, used times.

* Date of the place where the user was located.

* Data usage.

In addition, he says the site TechCrunch Facebook has asked users to request a purchase plan from Amazon sites.

When the BBC visited one of the newsletters of one of the programs, Facebook says that it will use the information it collects to improve its services.

"In some cases, we will receive this information, although the application uses a secure cipher or navigation session," he said.

The participants who have added the page must agree to give "all the information about this project to third parties".

Facebook said all those involved in the operation gave their consent, and was a standard market research practice.

However, Facebook released hours published after the publication of the program that ends the Apple devices, but did not do something similar on Android devices.

The study is targeted at users between 13 and 35 years old and under 18 years of age attended to obtain parents' consent, according to Facebook.

As part of a test that BBC presented as a 14-year-old boy, we could download the request without obtaining permission from the parent. But a page indicates that users must be at least 18 years old.

"It's not a spy"

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Facebook's statement in an explanation object TechCrunch Program.

"Some basic events have been discarded, the matter is not confidential. The name of the application used was" Facebook's research application ", there was no spy, and all the participants participated in the authorization process.

"The proportion of teenagers of the participants did not exceed 5%, and the company obtained permissions signed by parents."

Responding to the BBC question, when Facebook got permission from parents, the response was helped by a third party without giving details.

Apple has not commented on how Facebook decides whether or not it violates its laws.

Friendly behavior

Facebook has used another application in 2016, delays the software used by the device and other applications have no functionality.

Apple offers applications like this, especially those that provide iPhone phone companies and provide more protection and control, but do not limit the use of these applications to commercial purposes and to the use of company employees.

Facebook emphasizes that market research policies are not commonplace.

He did not share his data with a third party, and the participants had a moment to take part.

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