Saturday , January 16 2021

For this reason, Russia has been suspended 35.

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Often, free wrestling enthusiasts enjoy momentous watching tracks and they are encouraged.

But, at the same time, there are moments in the wrath of people and I am angry about videos about this event. has watched the most important videos of the record ring that have received most discrepancies with the public.

These sections are as follows:

– Vince McManan announces the announcement by Charlott Becky Lynch of Rhonda Rosie in front of Russell's Festival.

The videos have liked 27146 and 77289 admiration and see: 1750604

– Koffie Kingston Exempt vs. Daniel Bryan.

The video was liked by 11058 and 20256 and watched: 691283

– Charlott won the next Russell from Becky Lynch

Videos liked 13174 and 18798. And see: 660322

– Kurt Engel's opponent in Russell declares Coron Baron fighter

The video received 5995 admirations and liked 15575 … and see: 412767

– Kevin Owens was announced as an alternative to Kingston in the WWE Championship

The videos have liked 33799 and 8374 admiration … and see: 1615787