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Hiabusa-2 sends a snapshot of Ryuk's asteroid


Hayabusa-2 "over Ryogo

When Japanese experts released an image at that moment, the Japanese Hyaposa-2 probes landed on Ryuga's asteroid.

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This image shows photography at a moment, from a distance of 25 meters from asteroids, to the dark surface and the dark surface of an asteroid on the surface.

The surface of an asteroid camera made by Hiapon took a minute out of the photo and dropped it to the ground and added a bullet to the surface and collected samples of its soil with a special device with an electric device. The samples were placed in closed containers to return to the Earth.

The Asteroids Ryugu (Dragon Palace) is located 340 million kilometers from the Earth and is between Earth and Mars. The Hiabusa-2 probe was launched in Japanese Tanigasa space station in December 2014.

The probe that weighs 600 kg in November is released from the asteroids, asteroid re-grounded.

Source: TASS

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