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How to update Firefox and turn off the update

Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers for computers and phones, and Google's Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser for Android and other computers, but the closest browser to competitors is Firefox. It consumes a lot more RAM than Google Chrome.

How to update firefox

Mozilla is interested in the Firefox browser, and Google is interested in the browser, and so it always updates and updates Firefox to increase the means of insurance and issue gaps to allow Firefox to access user accounts easily and easily. users

Updating the Firefox browser is different than updating the browser or other program. All you need is to access the new version page and download the new version. We will show you how to do it by computer and how we can do it next steps. phone

Steps to Firefox Computer

– Open the Firefox browser on your computer.
– Then, click on the side menu button on the left side of the browser with three horizontal lines.
– You will see a selected list and are called "Options".
– You will now see a browser options and settings page.
– Then go to the bottom of your browser, it comes as "Firefox updates".
– In this section, if you are new to updates, if the browser is in the latest version, you will see the "updated Firefox" message "Click on the day."

Now, Firefox browser must be up to date and at the end of the update process, it will tell you to restart the browser until the new version of the Firefox browser begins.

Updates for mobile Firefox

– Go Google Play Mobile Store.
– Click on the store side menu and click on the left side of the page for three horizons.
– You will see a list of options that are clicked "My Applications".
– Now you will see a full page of the applications available on your device.
– Search for Firefox app and next to "Update".
You will now go to the Firefox app page on the Android platform and you will have two options: "Open" or "Update". Press the end button and wait until the Android app is up to date.

Turn off automatic Firefox update

When you download Firefox on your computer, its automatic settings are updated automatically and the user is the best, but often the Internet speed is unavailable, so the update will reduce the speed. So we want to deactivate Firefox's automatic updates and you can do the following:

– Open the Firefox browser on your computer.
– Press the side menu button, the left three horizontal lines of the browser.
– You will see several options, such as "Add-ons."
– You can now go to the bottom of the browser and find the "Updates".
– Firefox updates can often be found in the following options: "Allow Firefox to download updates automatically" and below "Request for Update and let install" option is the second option.

Turning off mobile phone updates for Firefox does not stop all updates for all apps to go to Google Play Store and go to my application page and update all apps and keep Firefox off.

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