Thursday , June 8 2023

In truth, the stars – what is the secret in the canonical artist Majid al-Mohandes?


Ali Al Khwar and Majed Al Mohandes

Majed Al Mohandes re-enacts Ali Al-Khawar Emiratiba's poetry in Kuwaiti, "Lulu El Hob". What is the secret behind the tale of "Lulu El Hob"?

"Kuwait has a great emotional value in our hearts, we are people of the Gulf of our youth, this song is a special gift, but also loyalty and love for UAE from family members of Kuwait," said Ali al-Khawar poet .

Al-Khawar expressed his happiness with the collaboration of the Prince Kantari Arabian Majid Al-Mohandes, especially engineers whose poems gave them a virtuous and transparent dimension, voice and romance.

Adel Abdullah has been composed by "Lulu El Hob" and Muhannad Khader and Makassaj Mohammed Esmat and Alaa Fayyad's video production and producer of Dubai Al-Khawwar Productions Company. Al-Khawar has created the same style of singing as the main American singer singers. The song has a great success in social networks and the official channel of Al-Khawar Company for YouTube's artistic production, especially as romantic romantic character is compatible with the feeling of artist Majed al-Mohandes.

The words "Lulu Love" say:

Anto Lulu, before decorating Lulu

And Shi Shi truth and imagination

And you're just "Solo" among all people

Play solitaire of magicians and Dalal

In your eyes, though they do not say

What did lulu in the morning?

The moon is not yours, nor your stars

And do not pray good acts

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