Thursday , July 7 2022

Intelligent bath helps diagnose illnesses


Intelligent bath helps diagnose illnesses
Breakfast is expected to be a "common" detection of proteins and glucose levels, as well as signs of cancer or diabetes early warning.

Source: Inas El Sayed – Erm News

Experts from European Agencies File (ESA), in collaboration with sanitation specialists, have developed a compact FitLoo bath that detects urinary tracking.

Toilet tub will work with high technology. Proteins and glucose will be collected in the kidneys through the container through sensors, according to Daily Mail.

Breakfasts' protein and glucose levels are expected to detect "common", as well as signs of cancer or early warning of diabetes.

"Komuna" is based on the technology-based technology used by astronauts to monitor the health of the international space station and transmit data and analysis results to mobile phones or directly to medical and laboratory personnel to monitor patients.

"FitLoo provides a unique opportunity to control your health," said digital health expert groups.

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