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Interconnection repair

Did Arab governments, or some of them, have the ability to manage their internal affairs with a return-free scenario? Our Arab governments help solve their problems, with their efforts and efforts to boost the economy, open justice and provide a climate of happiness for their issues.
These and other questions are re-emerging and we show demonstrations and protests in many cities, and even in rural areas in various Arab countries.

In Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Jordan, and Lebanon, we see it at different levels of repetition and intensity, governments have taken them to a sea of ​​uncertainty and uncertainty and do not know what to do.
Even Arab countries, where there's anger to express occasionally, does not mean that people who are happier than people, what happened in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, have forgotten the worries of the world and demand a minimum of survival and safety.

Arab states forget that nobody remembers it, such as Somalia and Komoros. Palestine is another story in itself. That is why it is imperative that many Arab countries have reached their own economic crises with their peoples, or who have no wealth, to protect them from their peoples, because other countries seek high prices.

Sudan's incident is a tragedy in itself, when Sudan defeated the British head of Herbert Kieschner, led by Imam Mahdi and his friends, he did not write a rest. He went through republican waves that lasted two decades and was worse than Sudan. . This great and hopeful country has not yet opted for civilian governments selected to advance into the Sudan economy and have been in the hands of long-serving military personnel and have not helped in the development of such a large country.

Sudan is called Arabic food basket. People were talking about a millions of acres of land or aquarium. There have been many attempts at oil and other countries, and they have been funding and contributing to the development of national and regional development in the Arab world. But above all, it failed, especially agricultural projects.
After Sudanese southern secession, an increase in the security crisis in the Darfur region, paralyzing Egypt's conflict in the Halaib region and the Gulf states, Sudan found a new situation, it was not applicable in textbooks, I said little space, prestige, and poverty was growing .

Although Omar al-Bashir has been threatened with arrest for a long time, the International Criminal Court has ruled. At the same time, Sudan's economic blockade and Sudan's pound were devalued, so the dollar price was worth more than 47 Sudanese pounds.
Sudan continues to drop water quantities, as water management is not what it is. At the same time, it was found that the water stocks were not big hopes. This does not mean that Sudan is inactive, but that means that Sudan, with its water, had to co-ordinate in Ethiopia's pressure project in Egypt.

Now it seems that there are consensus with Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, providing stable waterways of Egypt and Sudan for at least ten years.
If Egypt can make an agreement with the Sudanese and improve relations between both countries, these will be of great interest in the employment opportunities, agricultural production, food industry, the exploitation of natural resources, the alleviation of the effects of population inflation and the high costs. To strengthen the economy of Egypt and the strength of both countries economically and safely.

The mutual understanding between Arab Mashreq, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is crucial in improving economic opportunities in these countries, by reducing Iraqi and Syrian reconstruction costs and improving the use of water and energy resources.

Linking large infrastructure infrastructure projects, such as railways, oil and gas pipelines, industrial and production areas, and available knowledge beneficiaries would be enough to address the problems of these countries in the near future and to improve cooperative capacity.

Gulf countries have the right to cooperate with consistent Arab systems, such as the Arab Mashre, Egypt, Sudan and Magreb, and have opened up opportunities for diversification and investment in these countries. If the GCC is to dissolve, the countries would lose them for a long time.
Unless we are a rich Arab country, at least we must accept the existence of Arab communities based on strategic economic relations, rather than trade and services.

It is very important to study the situation in Kuwait after re-evaluating the policies that had been endured after liberation in 1991 and after liberation in 1991. Protesting Jordan and defending Qatar's state and asylum reform. It also contributes to the development of social development through contributions from the Arab Funds, such as the Arabian Fund for Economic and Social Development, and the Kuwait Fund for Economic Development, Kuwait Investment Fund, the Kuwait Fund, Small and Medium Enterprises and others.

At that time, Arabs say they are neighbors, nothing will change that reality. If you forget traditional names about history, civilization, language and religion, it reminds us of the history and geography incidents.
Amazing events surrounding Arab reality At the last meeting of Dubai governments, 4,000 people attended and should be reflected in images of the United Nations and international organizations.

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