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Jordan is a key and important part of our Arab countries

April 27, 2019

Amman – a

Zhang Haitao, an Embassy in Jordan's Embassy in China, has stressed that Jordan is a key part of the Arab world, pointing out that it is an important part of Arab countries, which is described as a different and exemplary relationship, with an emphasis on more than 3 billion dollars in trade between both countries. Chinese key projects in Jordan.

In a statement by Jordan News Agency (JNA), Haiti has said Jordan Jordan Jordan continues to provide three subsidies, including infrastructure projects, humanitarian aid and human development. politician

The Chinese company "SDAC" has just finished purchasing 28% of Arab Potash Company shares. Become a leading shareholder and investor, and is the first company in "Jarash Holding" (Chinese investment). Jordan and the Arab world, whose name appears on the US NASDAQ, and recently established a factory in the Al-Hasa area in Tafila.

On the subject of the "Ring and the Way" Forum, Haiti underlined that the aim is to establish a network of trade and infrastructure between the worlds of continents and countries, emphasizing the Chinese president Shi Jin Peng in 2013 following the international community initiative. Six years ago, the initiative changed to the concept platform, "to build a society with a common humanity". China, but also the international community, will be also beneficial.

Source: Masrawy

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